Father destroys frozen embryos

Knoxville, Tenn. – On June 11, a small group of pro-life demonstrators made a last-ditch attempt to prevent a man from destroying seven frozen embryos.  Their picket soon became a memorial as they learned that the bizarre case involving a Knoxville couple had finally drawn to a bitter end.  The embryos had already been destroyed. The story received world-wide attention and raised [...]

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Fetal tissue Deal A research clinic in Santa Barbara, California has signed a deal to obtain fetal tissue from Russia. Though the ban on fetal tissue experimentation has been lifted, researchers note that it will take 3 or 4 years before there is a tissue-bank to draw from in the U.S. This deal will obviously be a big money-maker for both sides. [...]

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Unicef Part II in a series documenting the group’s changing mandate

In 1966 the controversy concerning UNICEF’s collaboration in population control threa-tened to split apart not only that organization but the United Nations itself.  As a com-promise solution, the UN created a new fund especially for population-control activities, but one to which nations contributed only if they wished.  In 1967 General U Thant an-nounced the creation United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA). [...]

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Life is never dull

A teacher, a mother of eight and  pro-life activist – Connell might become a Liberal candidate Rosemary Connell says there are neither saints nor martyrs in her family, just ordinary people.  Still, one has to wonder.  In the last decade, this energetic 41 year-old wife, mother of eight children (four adopted), who is also a teacher in Port Perry (north of Toronto), [...]


Unforgiven didn’t just win the Academy Award for best picture this year. It deserved to win. (How many times can you say that about a movie?) But if you’re looking for an old-fashioned good guy/bad guy/gunbattle-at-high-noon western—even of the vintage Eastwood “spaghetti” variety—forget it! Unforgiven will seem like accidentally picking up Dostoyevsky when you wanted Jack London. Clint Eastwood’s character—a widowered pig [...]

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Interim Movie Guide

The story line of A Few Good Men is hardly novel: the macho world of the U.S. Marines with its own code of morality. When two young privates are court-martialed after killing one of their peers, a crusading attorney with the Navy’s Internal Affairs (Demi Moore) suspects the truth will be hidden with a cover-up. She makes it her mission to provoke [...]

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NDP crushed in Ontario by-elections

The results of the elections are in and Ontario voters have made it overwhelmingly clear that they want the NDP out.  After the dust had cleared from the April 1 provincial by-elections, Liberal lawyer Tim Murphy was the winner in the downtown Toronto riding of St. George-St. David and Conservative Dave Johnson easily took the Toronto-area riding of Don Mills. The Family [...]

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Rosalie Hall:

Ashton Sharpe was born on Sunday November 8th, 1992 and for his teenage mother, Karen what began in fear has turned into unparalleled joy. Frightened, confused and heartbroken, 19-year-old Karen Sharpe walked through the doors of Rosalie Hall of July of 1992.  Like hundreds of women who had crossed the same threshold before her,  Karen was about to discover healing, hope and [...]

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CHP leader suspended

Cavilla may not accept board’s decision The Christian Heritage Party has a new leader.  Or does it?  It depends on who you talk to. In a highly unusual move the national board of Canada’s only pro-life federal party suspended its leader and appointed Heather Stilwell until the 1994 leadership convention in Vancouver.  According to the board, Stilwell, a pro-life activist from B.C. [...]

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You were asking

If suicide is not a crime why is there a fuss when a handicapped or ill person wants to kill himself? L.B. Toronto. For centuries suicide was a crime and anyone who survived an attempted suicide faced  severe penalties. Today, it is realized that suicide is “a cry for help” and the criminal penalties have been removed out of compassion for the [...]

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Gag rule would leave pro-lifers speechless

Parliament has passed a bill which will gag politically active groups such as Campaign Life Coalition. Under the Tories’ election reform bill, only political parties and candidates will have the freedom to do partisan advertising during election campaigns. Other groups or individuals will be allowed to spend no more than $1,000 on advertising which identifies or promotes particular parties or candidates. That [...]

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One hallmark of a repressive regime is the many ways it chooses to stifle  dissent. The  Berlin Wall has fallen; the Soviet Union has dissolved. But, in 1993, in Ontario, repression flourishes under the New Democratric Party. If Attorney- General Marion Boyd wins her case in court, fundamental freedoms of speech and assembly in Ontario will be withdrawn. At named locations across [...]

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Kim’s tarnished star

“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you, but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.” Watch out Canada!  B.C.’s Kim Campbell is running on her record and “charisma without substance” is becoming a haunting reminder of her past.  Described as the “Darling of the media,” and “the Madonna of Canadian politics,” she grabbed headlines as, one by [...]

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The Liberals lost my vote

Earlier this year I took an unprecedented step for me and joined a political party.  I chose the Liberal Party for two reasons.  First, the party policies generally fit more comfortable with my own views than do those of the two other major parties.  Secondly, I know the woman who was seeking nomination in my riding.  I knew I could support her [...]

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Tory hopeful gaining ground

Jim Edwards vows pro-life action if elected Pro-life support is rallying around Jim Edwards as he makes his bid for the leadership of the federal Tories.  The Interim caught up with Edwards during his frantic schedule as he travels the country trying to round up delegates and get his message out. He says the economy is dominating the debate among the leadership [...]

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