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RU-486 soon available in U.S.

An agreement between the drug company which manufactures the abortion pill, and a population control group could lead to the drug’s availability in the United States. The France-based pharmaceutical giant Roussel-Uclaf has reached an agreement with the non-profit Population Council to test RU-486 on 2,000 U.S. women this fall. The Population Council will choose a drug company to manufacture and distribute the [...]

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The month in review

African Bishops condemn UN The Synod of Bishops of Africa sent a strong message to the United Nations and First World countries condemning their desire to link economic aid to population control directives. The Bishops pointed specifically to the proposals to be presented at the UN sponsored International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. “During the Synod,” the Bishops’ message says, [...]

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Toward a family wage

This is an election year in Quebec and according to the opinion polls the Parti Quebecois will form the next government. In an attempt to woo voters, the Liberal government of Daniel Johnson brought down a budget in which they reversed course, dropped “fiscal responsibility,” and emphasized “social issues” such as lower taxes for two wage earner families, subsidies for daycare etc. [...]

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The Interim book review

When is it Right to Die? Suicide, Euthanasia, Suffering, Mercy Joni Eareckson Tada Since a diving accident 25 years ago, Joni Eareckson Tada has lived as a quadriplegic. Sometimes her depression seemed as paralyzing as her spinal cord injury. When is it Right to Die? not only draws on her own experience with disability and despair but also looks at the lives [...]

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Focusing on the real threat to Quebec Abortion quietly decimating French-speaking population

Campagne Quebec-Vie President Gilles Grondin would not rate 1993 as one of his most successful campaigns. However, he has learned a lot and more importantly, has managed to keep Quebec’s pro-life political lobby alive. Despite many hurdles which his organization faces, Grondin is convinced that there is hope for the future. “People will come to realize that Quebec’s survival as a French-speaking [...]

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You Were Asking

There have been many requests for information on the ‘Gag Laws’, their effects on pro-life efforts, and why people were unaware of them. The two gag laws, C169 and C114 illustrate how easily citizens can be robbed of their democratic rights. Bill C169: October 25, 1983 On its face Bill C169 was a dull series of amendments to the Election Act, mainly [...]

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The price of fear-mongering

Getting whipped up about the rising tide of “crime” appears to be all the rage in Canada these days. The media is filled with stories and opinion pieces which are intended to convince us that our streets have become a brewing cauldron of violence. There are now major newspaper and radio and television stations for whom news broadcasts have become little more [...]

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Notable Quotes

Low birth rates “My opinion is that the drop [in births] is due to many factors: a bad economy, relatively small numbers of women at peak childbearing age, delayed marriages and the socially accepted conundrum that children are damaging to the environment and to personal happiness.” Katherine Dowling from her article “Mothers and Other Strangers.” (L.A. Times, March 3, 1994) Handicapped are [...]

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Knights admit pro-abort NDP

Despite strong objections from local pro-lifers, the provincial NDP member from Durham York has been admitted to the St. Joseph Council of the Knights of Columbus. In his screening interview, Larry O’Connor claimed he was “pro-life” but that “he had to go along with (the pro-abortion stance of) the party.” O’Connor also supports the controversial legislation which would give benefits to same-sex [...]

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Ont. says ‘no’ to same-sex legislation Bill 167 defeated 68-59

Chaos broke out in the Queen’s Park visitors’ gallery the minute it was announced that the Ontario government’s controversial same-sex benefits bill had been defeated. After filling the legislature with cries of “shame, shame,” homosexual demonstrators tussled with police and then took to the streets, blocked traffic and chanted “We’re here, we’re queer, we all pay taxes.” The reason for the high [...]

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Barnes puts spotlight of life issues at the Liberal convention

Twenty-five years after the criminal act of abortion was given a government stamp of legality by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Justice Minister John Turner, the Liberals met in Ottawa at their biennial Convention. A number of pro-life Liberals became delegates for the mid-May convention in order to remind fellow Liberals of the country’s 25 year legacy of abortion. These same [...]

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RU-486 sold under the counter Anonymous Toronto doctor illegally trafficking unsafe, untested and unapproved abortion pill

The French-made abortion pill RU-486 is being illegally offered to some women in Toronto. The Canadian Press reports that a woman doctor, who will not identify herself, has been offering the abortion pill as an option to women who don’t want to have surgical abortions. She would not say how she came in possession of the drug nor how many women have [...]

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NDP going out in style

The wacky Ontario NDPers are winding down their first and last term in office (please, Lord) with a howling display of governmental incompetence and bungling. Here, in no particular order, is a partial list of their biggest goofs. It was Bob Rae who hired his old pal Maurice Strong as chairman of Ontario Hydro. Under Strong’s excellent direction, the corporation lost 3.6 [...]

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Priest censured for pro-life work

Father Van A Hagar did not come to Canada to sight-see nor did he come to attend a pro-life strategy meeting. In fact, if it was left up to him, he’d be back in Pittsburgh preaching the pro-life message and raising funds for third world countries. But Fr. Hagar did not have a choice and because of his refusal to water down [...]

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A day of commemoration and co-operation Across Canada, pro-life groups, churches and parishioners united to make the May 14 event a memorable day

In the middle of May, Aid to Women received a phone call from a young woman. Dick Cochrane, who fielded the call at the crisis pregnancy center, recalls that she was in a very emotional state. “She was pregnant and her boyfriend had been pressuring her to have an abortion. It was obvious to me that she was against the idea. She [...]

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