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Mother of 8 always has more room

This was the title of a “Mother’s Day Story” printed in the May 1993 issue of The Interim. In that article Grace Petrasek tells Rosemary’s story. Clayton and Rosemary Connell are a typical prolife couple. They love children. Their house is full of them. Tuan and Lien---who were among the boat people---and the two South American boys, are adopted. And four of [...]

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B. C. feels wave of future

Action days Here is some hot news!!  Pro-life students around the province are working on OSFL Action Days.  An OSFL Action Day is an exciting one day youth pro-life event.  The schedule includes informative and inspirational speakers, practical “How to” workshops, a visible pro-life activity in the community, uniting together in a prayer service and then winding it up with a hip [...]

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Youth Conference

A youth conference in Ontario attracts 400.  A similar conference in B.C. draws 250.  It appears that the leaders of tomorrow are prepared to flex their muscles today. Ontario meet whips youth into action In October, the Ontario Students for Life held their sixth annual conference, “Life is Great?” It was a totally great, superb, fine, nice, delightful, educational, fun, amazing, but [...]

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The end of the tunnel

I think it is true to say that people who have dedicated their lives to the pro-life cause often feel pessimistic about the success of their efforts. The news seems always to be bad.  There are more and more abortions and an even like the Beijing Conference does not augur well for the future of unborn life in Third World. But the [...]

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Chemical abortions open new front in struggle The Methorexate and Misoprostol procedure has a long litany of side effects, including kidney damage, infertility, liver toxicity, blood disorders and fever

Pharmacists for Life International is disputing mainstream media reports of “safe and quick” home abortion techniques using drugs already available for other uses. The reports say an American researcher has discovered that a combination of methotrexate (a drug used in chemotherapy) and misoprostol (a gastr-intestinal medicine) can induce abortions in 96 per cent of women during their first nine weeks of pregnancy.  [...]

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Stopping those who dispense death over the counter

Pharmacists for Life International to uphold the humour and dignity of the pharmaceutical profession A desire to combat trends toward using medications to end or destroy human lives is one of the factors motivating the work of a group of pro-life pharmacists. Pharmacists  for Life International was founded in the U.S. in 1984 and now has several thousand members in chapters covering [...]

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When school boards usurp parents rights

The ongoing Foxfiresaga reveals just how much disdain some board officials have for parent s feelings. Many parents feel it’s time to change this. With Christmas on the way, your teen might want to stock up on a little light holiday reading material. If so, you should check out a book which the Halton (Ontario) Board of Education sent home last Christmas [...]

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B. C.’s “bubble law” claims first offender

Vancouver sees the first challenge to very restrictive anti-picketing law It’s not the first time that B.C.’s “prisoner for the Lord” has been in jail.  Nor is it likely to be the last.  But John Doe, a.k.a. Maurice Lewis is determined to do what he can to test British Columbia’s new draconian “bubble law.” The bubble zone law keeps anyone voicing public [...]

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Tales from the darkside

Five women five shocking accounts of what life is like inside the walls of an abortuary. Abortion – The Inside Story shows the mentality of the people who work in the industry and the long-term psychological effects they suffer. One night, a few years ago, I was feeling particularly low about my life, the state of pro-life, and the world in general. [...]

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Presidential veto likely on “Partial Birth” abortion ban.

Planned Parenthood tries to join forces with Clinton and the American Medical Association to block bill which would end gruesome abortion practice On November 1, 1995, the  U.S. House of Representatives voted to bn the “partial birth” abortion method known as D&X. The method consists of partially delivering a baby feet first, inserting scissors into the baby’s skull and sucking out the [...]

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New head for B.C. FCP

British Columbia has a “new” political leader.  No to politics, nor a stranger to the pro-life pro-gamily movement, Heather Stillwell will lead the Family Coalition Party of B.C. into the next provincial election. Stillwell takes over the reins of the FCP from Kathleen Toth, the political stalwart who has left the party since it’s formation in 1991. Former leader Toth told supporters [...]

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Kevorkian defied state: “I dare you to charge me”

26 suicides and no signs of letting up for Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian has attended his 26th assisted suicide.  The body of Patricia Cashman, a 58-year-old woman, was found in the back seat of a car.  The official cause of death is homicide by carbon monoxide poisioning. Kevorkian does not deny his part in the death of Cashman, On Larry King Life, [...]

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“We’re aware of his occupation, but we have no evidence to take us in that direction,” said an investigation about the anti-abortion link. This has nothing to do with pro-life and pro-family.”

Media coverage of the incident was prominent for several days following.  Despite the lack of any evidence, the Hamilton Spectator made the story front page news for four straight days and headlined two stories.  “Anti-abortion link eyed in MD” s shooting” and “Cross-Canada alert goes out in wake of doctor’s shooting.” The Canadian Abortion Rights Action League predictable concluded that the shooting [...]

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Meet Dr. Carmelo Scime.

You probably won’t find many physicians who, for eleven years, can picket a hospital they work in and get away with it. The 63-year-old family physician has been pounding the pavement with a “Justice for the Unborn” sign in front of Henderson Hospital in Hamilton, Ont. every Friday morning for just that long.  His work is a response to the fact that [...]

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The Month in Review

African Churches Challenged In a recent parliamentary hearing on abortion, Father Hyacinth Ennis, a spokesperson for the South African Bishops, described the position of South Africa’s Anglican and Methodist Churches as “lamentable.”  The Methodist Church favours permitting abortion while the Anglican Church in South Africa voted to “receive for further study” a report which recommends widening the abortion law.  The Dutch Reformed [...]

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