Army of God may be behind bombings

A letter purportedly sent by an ultra-fundamentalist group called the Army of God claimed responsibility for the February 22 bombing of a lesbian nightclub and January’s attack on an Atlanta abortion clinic. According to the Los Angeles Times News Service, federal investigators were attempting to determine if the letter was legitimate. A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said [...]

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Abortion advocate admits lie

WASHINGTON – A major player in the abortion rights movement admitted lying when he claimed a form of late-term abortion is rare and that it is used primarily to save the lives of women bearing severely handicapped babies. Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, said he was deliberately misleading in remarks about intact dilation and evacuation abortion [...]

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Art may support pro-life efforts

A Barrie Ontario artist plans to put her talents and creativity to work in promoting pro-life efforts. Colleen Nagle, a part-time art teacher at Sacred Heart High School of the York Region Separate School Board, may donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of limited edition prints to support the Canadian pro-life effort. This means $25 or every $125 print [...]

2010-08-23T13:26:23-04:00March 23, 1997|Pro-Life, Youth Activism|

Anti-picketing laws under new review

The Unites States Supreme Court February 26 ordered lower courts to reconsider the validity of laws in Arizona and Colorado that restrict the activities of protesters outside abortion clinics. The lower courts had upheld both measures. The action, contained in two brief orders, was not surprising in light of an earlier Supreme Court ruling supporting the free-speech rights of protesters outside abortion [...]

2010-08-23T13:22:37-04:00March 23, 1997|Abortion Law, Activism|

Coren to speak at 1997 CLC dinner

Pro-life journalist and broadcaster Michael Coren will be the guest speaker at this year’s Campaign Life Coalition fund-raising dinner/dance, at 7 p.m. April 18 at St. John the Evangelist parish, 49 George St., Weston, Ontario. Author, speaker and activist Father Ted Colleton is also expected to attend the popular pro-life event The $20 ticket includes a dinner catered by Johnny’s Country Kitchen, [...]

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Portugal avoids abortion battle

LISBON – The Associated Press reported in late February that a bill relaxing abortion restrictions in Portugal was recently defeated in this predominantly Catholic country. Under existing law, abortion is legal if the mother's life or long-term health is at risk, or until the 16th week if the unborn has it serious illness or deformation. Pro-abortion groups, including the Family Planning Association [...]

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Video inspires right choice

A priest friend of mine claims that there are no such things as "coincidences" but only "God-incidences." The Oxford Dictionary defines a "coincidence" as "a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection." I am not intellectually skilled enough to say whether or not my friend is correct in his opinion, but I did have an experience recently, which I [...]

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Carstairs’ motion draws criticism

Interim special Pro-family forces are monitoring the actions of Liberal Senator Sharon Carstairs of Manitoba who recently moved second reading of a bill making it a crime for parents to use corporal punishment against their children. Carstairs' Bill S-14 would repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code which allows the use of force in disciplining a child. Section 43 also exempts parents, [...]

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Two prominent pro-lifers certain to be missed

Interim staff Ontario's pro-life community lost two prominent supporters with the recent passing of Monsignor Ralph Egan of Toronto and Dr. Bernharda Meyer of Waterloo. Msgr. Egan, 96, died February 8 at LaSalle Manor in Scarborough. In addition to his long service in the Catholic priesthood, the monsignor was noted for his various publishing efforts, including the St. Maximilian Kolbe Apostolate for [...]

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Campaign shrouded in misinformation

Janice Mawhinney reported in the Toronto Star February 4, 1997, that the Toronto Public Health Department has established birth control clinics in five Toronto high schools and that these clinics provide what she called ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Prevention). Children from the age of 14 upwards are accepted at these clinics. The Department of Health is contemplating the opening of further such clinics [...]

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Strategies for abortion recovery experience

The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing By David C. Reardon Acorn Books, 120 pages Book Review David C. Reardon has performed a public service in the writing of his latest book on post-abortion healing. “Public” because although the book is geared primarily to church ministers who have to deal with the often touchy subject of abortion, it [...]

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Book a bold statement about the humanity of the unborn child

Beginning Life: the Marvellous Journey from Conception to Birth By Geraldine Lux Flanagan Firefly Books, Willowdale, Ont. 120 pages, $26.00 Book Review If you thought the womb was dark and silent and that you spent your time there tightly curled up in a permanent fetal position, you need to read Geraldine Lux Flanagan’s Beginning Life: the Marvellous Journey from Conception to Birth. [...]

2010-08-23T13:11:04-04:00March 23, 1997|Book Review, Morgentaler|

Revealing story of a sad, lost life

Morgentaler, A Difficult Hero By Catherine Dunphy Random House Canada, 1996 474 pages, $32 Book Review A child is born in the ghetto. His parents are socialist, atheist. They belong to a despised race. At school the child is taunted and reviled. He is a very clever child. Soldiers of a brutal invading army come and seal hi ghetto, then routinely break [...]

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‘Divorce course’ seen as boost to families

For over three decades we have experienced a growing and radical attack on the traditional family and its position as the primary unit of a stable society. Young people have adopted society’s apparent acceptance that marriage itself is a transitory, and just like any other monogamous relationship, one can go from one marriage to another until we get it right. In this [...]

2010-08-23T13:07:47-04:00March 23, 1997|Marriage and Family|

‘Violence’ can be selective

Given the oceans of ink and hours of air time expended by Canada's print and electronic media over the past decade or so on the topic of violent abuse and harassment of women in our society, one might reasonably expect that an incident in which a female Member of Parliament was publicly swarmed, pushed and shoved, as well as subjected to hostile [...]

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