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Woman a symbol of porn’s harmfulness

"The big lie of pornography is, 'There are no victims.' I am a victim of pornography" claims Tonya Flynt-Vega, the daughter of Larry Flynt, owner and publisher of the hard core porn magazine, Hustler. Flynt-Vega says the film, The People vs. Larry Flynt, paints her father as a free press champion. "He's not a hero. He's a pornographer, a pimp and a [...]

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Court ruling may boost counselling efforts

Interim special Efforts to present abortion seeking women with the life-affirming alternative – similar to those practised at Aid to Women – received a boost in the United States in mid-February. In a February 19 decision the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of pro-life counsellors to speak to patients entering abortion clinics. The ruling, which is seen as a tremendous freedom [...]

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Success stories buoy Aid to Women staff

Interim staff Allison James and Lucy Composano – two women, separated by age, race and circumstance,. Unique lives, yet sharing an experience that would affirm life in all its happiness and struggle, uncertainty and love. Both have faced a difficult, even frightening decision. An unplanned pregnancy, a period of uncertainty and doubt. Where to turn? How to cope? One solution seemed so [...]

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A family’s fostering experience

Patricia and Joe Bok live on a 22 acre farm with a pear orchard. The Boks have four children of their own, aged 7 to 15. For the past three years the Bok family have opened their home to six foster children through Jewels for Jesus. The oldest child was almost four. Most of the foster children stay from three to six [...]

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Primer on Ontario adoption by consent

In adoption by consent the child is voluntarily placed for adoption by the birth parent(s). It is possible through both public and private adoption agencies. The child is often a newborn but can be an older child. The adoptive parents have been approved by a home study by the Ministry of Social Services or a Children's Aid Society (CAS). The child can [...]

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Agency notes fresh attitude to adoption

Joan Kosmachuk, Executive Director of Jewels for Jesus Adoption Agency in Mississauga, Ontario, spoke recently with Sue Careless of The Interim. In the 1980's much of the stigma surrounding single parenting was removed, bug a new stigma was placed on women choosing adoption. Society said, "You could abort or single-parent but heaven forbid if you place your child for adoption." In the [...]

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Across Canada

Unborn with right to sue MONCTON – A New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench ruling allows children to sue their parents for injuries suffered while in the womb. The case involves four-year-old Ryan Dobson who was injured in a 1993 car crash near Moncton. The child was born three months premature and remains permanently disabled. The suit was launched on the boy's [...]

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Expanding role for Priests for Life

Priests for Life, an organization of priests, deacons and lay people working to combat abortion and euthanasia, is going international. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family has asked U.S. National director Frank Pavone to establish Priests for Life chapters in countries around the world. Father Pavone will also co-ordinate pro-life movements worldwide. Priests for Life is an officially approved association which [...]

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At the helm of Canada’s ‘life sanctuary’

Pat Binns, Prince Edward Island's new premier, has consistently voted pro-life, both federally and provincially. "I believe that human life is sacred. I have always felt that it is our duty to protect it," he says. He credits his upbringing for these views. Binns grew up in Lloydminster, Alberta. When he came to PEI as a summer exchange student, he could hardly [...]

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Youth on the move in Canada

The second annual Real Life, Real Love young adult prolife rally in Ottawa attracted 90 young people for a gathering to meet with fellow pro-lifers and learn from the experience of four inspirational speakers. A highlight of the January 25-26 event was speaker Brian Clowes, director of Human Life International's Pro-Life/Family Institute, who demonstrated the importance of knowing true abortion statistics to [...]

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For Abortionists

Lord, today we pray for all those who perform and promote abortions. Sometimes it's hard to pray for them. We it judgement and say, "How could they?" The answer has to be the same as Yours from the cross – "They know not what they do." Lord, help them to know, to understand. Touch their minds and hearts and consciences. Move them [...]

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Annuity on the rise

Our modes Gift Annuity Program shows increasing signs of vitality. Launched about two years ago, it has attracted a good number of pro-lifers who want to help the pro-life cause now but still need to have an additional regular source of income for the rest of their lives. For those 60 or over, it has definite tax advantages that have made gift [...]

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You Were Asking

Apart from China, what other country has been brutal in imposing methods of population control? Are there any? J. B. Mississauga Yes. Almost 20 years ago (April, 1977), public outrage against India's forced-sterilization campaign caused the collapse of Indira's Gandhi's government. It is important to note that International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), in its own magazine People, admitted the "crude imposition" of [...]

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Dr. James Dobson

Question: I am 14 and have crummy-looking pimples all over my face. What causes them, and what can I do to clear up my skin? DR. DOBSON: Practically every part of your body is affected in one way or another by the period of change you are experiencing. Even your skin undergoes major changes, whether you are a boy or a girl. [...]

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