Chastity Challenge paper publishes final issue

The Chastity Connection, a Canadian newsletter promoting abstinence as a positive alternative to premarital sex and promiscuity, is ceasing publication after 13 issues. Founded four years ago by Marilyn Bergeron of Cornwall, Ont., The Chastity Connection was the communications vehicle for the Canadian Alliance for Chastity (CAC), an organizing linking the diverse voices calling for a renewed emphasis on chastity education. “It’s [...]

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Life lessons infuse chastity teaching

LONDON, Ont. -- As a recent graduate of religious studies from the University of Western Ontario, Lorraine Scott has decided to take on a challenging, yet rewarding direction in life. Scott is a 22-year-old independent speaker in the southwestern Ontario region. Her ministry is called “Chastity: The Loving Alternative.” Scott is extremely busy speaking to youth ministry meetings, retreats, classrooms, confirmation preparation [...]

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Dinner/dance set for Apr. 17

TORONTO -- The 13th annual St. John the Evangelist parish pro-life dinner/dance is set for Friday, April 17, 1998.  The popular spring fund-raisers have become an important annual event in support of Campaign Life Coalition. The guest speaker for the evening will be Rebecca Pontiso, founder of Mary Mother of God School in Parkdale (downtown Toronto). Rebecca, a graduate of St. Joseph’s [...]

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Students to go high-tech in pro-life struggle

TORONTO - Canada’s pro-life university students will use the latest information technology to promote a stronger right to life attitude on the college campuses throughout the country. Students plan to use the internet and electronic mail bulletin boards to complement their regular newsletter in an effort to link post-secondary pro-life efforts coast to coast. Leading the way in this effort is the [...]

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Strategy 2001 meeting set for nation’s capital

The full membership of Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa-Carleton is invited to participate in the Strategy 2001 Conference, scheduled for April 18, 1998 in Ottawa. The time has come to lay the cornerstone for a rejuvenated political movement, re-organized so that no pro-life supporter is left out. Organizers foresee a movement that is “well structured and produces results.” The Strategy 2001 Conference will [...]

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Taking hope in trying times

On Jan. 28th, pro-life forces in Winnipeg rallied together to commemorate the loss of those babies killed through abortion since the Supreme Court of Canada declared the existing law with respect to abortion unconstitutional 10 years ago. The main event was a demonstration at the Law Courts Building at Kennedy and York Streets, during the noon hour. Other than the attention we [...]

2010-07-07T14:03:25-04:00March 7, 1998|Activism|

Campbell-Callwood square off on abortion

No one can ever accuse Ken Campbell of being at a loss for words, and he certainly wasn’t when Canada’s abortion elite gathered to congratulate themselves on the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s striking down of Criminal Code provisions against abortion in Canada. As party-goers filed into Toronto’s Enoch Turner School House Jan. 28, they were met by an earnest Campbell, [...]

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International round-up

Americans becoming more pro-life, says poll WASHINGTON – A recent poll commissioned by the U.S. Family Research Council has found that most Americans believe abortion should not be permitted after signs of life can be detected. Sixty-one per cent of respondents disagreed that “abortion should be permitted after fetal brain-waves are detected,” while 58 per cent agreed that “abortion should not be [...]

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Congressman takes aim on foreign aid use

WASHINGTON - A leading pro-life supporter in the U.S. Congress has signaled a fresh tussle this year over U.S. funding of the United Nations and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Congressman Christopher Smith spoke February 12 after Secretary of State Madeleine Albright accusedunnamed lawmakers of "legislative blackmail" for tying the release of funds to what she said was an unrelated abortion issue. The [...]

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Rock can steer youth along cynical path

Today, the young, and the not so young, take rock and roll music very seriously. For many devotees, rock has a meaning beyond its obvious appeal to sexual anarchy and the abandonment of individual responsibility. It has a deeper significance which involves feelings of Paradise Lost and the need to re-establish a sense of spiritual oneness, the lack of boundaries, and the [...]

2010-07-07T12:26:43-04:00March 7, 1998|Society & Culture|

Skoke resurfaces

STELLARTON, N.S. -- Pro-lifer Roseanne Skoke has resurfaced in politics, this time as a Liberal candidate in the up-coming provincial election in Nova Scotia. The Stellarton lawyer was acclaimed Feb. 20 as Liberal candidate for Pictou Centre. This will be her third major political campaign in the past year. The Central Nova MP, known for her strong pro-life views, lost a Liberal [...]

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New research reveals depth of sterilization abuse in Peru

Interim special (Ed. note: In the February issue of The Interim, we reported an interview with U.S. pro-life activist Dan Zeidler on sterilization program abuses in Peru. Featured below is an update of the Peru situation). On Jan. 11, 1998, The Miami Herald published a feature with the headline, “Sterilization debate in Peru: Are some women coerced?” The report described an aggressive [...]

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Misuse of language underlies debate on ‘right’ to abortion

There is no such thing as a “right to abortion.”  There is, however, such a thing as “reproductive rights,” though the misuse of such a phrase on the national and international level has tainted it with such immoral connotations that it is almost impossible to use. For example, who would not acknowledge the right people have to be free of the type [...]

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Interest in one-world government on the rise

A cursory sweep of the Internet reveals no shortage of sites dealing with one-world government and the Club of Rome, two subjects of special concern to pro-life and pro-family supporters. The concern is based not only on the effort to concentrate political and economic power in the hands of small, wealthy elites, but also on the danger of the emergence of some [...]

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Nurse recounts abortion horrors

Last summer, the clanging sound of empty bottles being wheeled into the morgue made Amanda (not her real name), a registered nurse, curious to enter the hospital room. Amanda was on her way to the laboratory to submit blood for testing. As she tiptoed in, she saw hundreds of bottles on the shelves, with fetuses of all sizes in formaline, and on [...]

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