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Californians reject gay marriage California voters have said an emphatic "no" to the question of same-sex marriage. Results of the state's direct democracy plebiscite indicate that voters have turned thumbs down to a proposal that would give official sanction to homosexual unions. The plebiscite, which contained 31 propositions, asked for a yes or no vote to the proposal: "Only a marriage between [...]

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Across Canada

Ontario pays five abortuaries' rent TORONTO - Henry Morgentaler is not the only abortionist getting rent and other expenses paid for by the Ontario taxpayer. Morgentaler is halfway through a ten-year agreement with the provincial government that will pay him $5-million dollars to cover the rent on his Toronto franchise. Now The Interim has learned that five other Ontario abortuaries are at the [...]

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Canadian Food for Children puts Mother Teresa’s words, ‘Trust in God,’ into action

Like almost everybody else in Ontario - and most of Canada - I had often heard the name "Dr. Andrew Simone" and his great work in feeding the poor in missionary countries. But our paths did not cross until 1999. How it happened was this. I was supplying at St. Joseph's Parish in Port Elgin and I noticed dozens of boxes piled [...]

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New flag for Canada on the horizon?

Why you're nothing but a banana republic!" That was the reaction that some of our American cousins had when told by Jim Hughes that only recently did our Canadian Members of Parliament learn that an un-elected collection of radical United Nations feminists/lesbians and left-leaning homosexual bureaucrats were totalling ignoring them as legislators and passing laws and putting out directives illegally ordering Canadians [...]

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Having coffee

Those of you following the ongoing saga of free speech and open debate on abortion here in the People's Republic of British Columbia should not be at all surprised at the recent pronouncement by Vancouver Crown Council. You know, the folks ordained by the powers that be to see that the Criminal Code of Canada is enforced. Well it seems that police [...]

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Dr. Laura’s foes are anti-semitic

The story of my relationship with Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Actually there isn't one. Never met the woman, never spoken to her. But she has read two of my columns out on her radio show and that pleased me no end. I was flattered, because whatever minor criticisms one may have of Dr. Laura, she has courageously stood up for the virtues that [...]

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Pro-lifer convicted and fined for ‘causing a disturbance’

Witnesses deny Bill Whatcott interfered with abortuary clients By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Veteran pro-life activist Bill Whatcott was found guilty of causing a disturbance in an incident stemming from his participation in a demonstration outside the Scott abortuary in Toronto last August. The decision was handed down March 27 at Toronto's College Park courthouse. The Crown had sought a 15-day jail [...]

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Pro-life anthem composed for March for Life 2000

Entertainers Pat Willbond and David MacDonald will perform 'Equal Rights for All Human Beings' By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Two Ottawa-area entertainers promise to add more zest to the March for Life 2000 rally in the nation's capital May 10-11. Pat Willbond and David MacDonald are two veteran musicians who for the last several years have put their singing and performing talents [...]

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LifeSite growing in leaps and bounds

By Paul Tuns The Interim LifeSite Daily News is one of the most important pro-life, pro-family news sources available and it is beginning to have a major influence. Editor John-Henry Westen told The Interim that recent news stories that LifeSite has covered have slowly seeped into the mainstream media. He notes the story of Father Tony Van Hee who was abused by [...]

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Toronto RTL client chooses life, in spite of boyfriend’s threats

Pro-life leader helped woman obtain restraining order - says police and courts were slow to offer protection By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim The Toronto and Area Right to Life Association is supporting a local woman who is resisting tremendous pressure and intimidation from a former boyfriend to abort the couple's unborn child. Maria (not the woman's real name) contacted the organization in [...]

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Participation in PrepCom was eye-opener on feminism

‘I thought feminists were pro-woman, not angry, hurt people whose logic I can't understand' By Cathrina Keet The Interim A battle over women's rights was fought at the United Nation Headquarters in New York. My concept of justice, democracy, and reality was shattered during the portion of the Beijing+5 PrepCom which I recently attended. I expected the United Nations to attack violence [...]

Hate crimes against Christians don’t count

On March 7 Montréal's Roman Catholic cathedral, Mary Queen of the World, was attacked by a band of feminist pro-abortionists taking part in International Women's Day festivities. They screamed obscenities at worshippers, spray-painted anti-Christian slogans on the high altar, ripped hymn books, turned over flowerpots, stuck tampons and sanitary napkins - some soiled - to pictures and walls, and threw condoms and [...]

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Chantal Daigle case was legalistic gobbledygook

Her ex-fiance's recent troubles bring to mind the infamous 1989 late-term abortion ruling By David Dooley The Interim Several newspaper stories in January and February brought to mind one of the oddest abortion decisions ever to be made in Canada. In January 1989, Chantal Daigle agreed to marry her boyfriend Jean-Guy Tremblay, with whom she had been living; in February she became [...]

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Gene patents key step toward the fabrication of man

By Winifride Prestwich The Interim A National Post article, "Patent office challenged over human cloning" (Feb. 22, 2000), mentions a United States Supreme Court ruling almost twenty years ago which gave "the green light" to patents on "living things." The article refers to the Court's ruling in Diamond vs. Chakrabarty, June 16, 1980. Briefly stated, these are the facts. (1) Amanda Chakrabarty, a microbiologist [...]

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The new elitism: Order your children through the Internet

By Donald DeMarco The Interim Our Celebrity Culture has placed such a high premium on good looks that many prospective parents are having second thoughts about reproducing themselves for fear that their progeny might be as unglamourous as they imagine themselves to be. A Malibu, California photographer who has worked with Playboy is attempting to cash in on this anxiety of producing less [...]

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