A marvellous pro-life speech

There is so much bad news these days, especially about young people, that it is quite a thrill to experience some good news, and I had such an experience recently. A few weeks ago I was doing some Sunday ministry at St. Mary of the People Parish in Oshawa, Ontario. The pastor, Father Paul Casullo, mentioned to me that there was to [...]

2010-07-16T07:15:18-04:00March 16, 2001|Pro-Life|

Abortionist Appreciation day

They say that confession is good for the soul. Recently, for the very first time, I found myself actually celebrating an event put on by Big Abortion, Abortion, Inc. Now, before you swamp the hard-working editors at The Interim with indignant letters, let me explain. A number of years ago, an organization called Refuse and Resist started a PR program designed to undo [...]

2010-07-16T07:14:26-04:00March 16, 2001|Abortion|

The little lies of ‘spin doctors’

A "spin doctor" is not to be confused with a public relations person. A PR person always tries to dress up the act - trying to take a non-newsy but "good news" item and blow it up into a gargantuan front-page story. If you are a PR person for a large school board you pray every day that they do not find [...]

2010-07-16T07:13:15-04:00March 16, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

The case for school vouchers

There are some issues that rise above the inadequate and increasingly archaic labels of left and right - life and education being two of them. We have looked to various political parties for support and, whilst sometimes receiving encouraging words from some of them when in opposition, have invariably been ignored or even insulted once those organizations achieve power. When it comes [...]

2010-07-16T07:11:42-04:00March 16, 2001|Michael Coren, Politics|

Frank Finn was strong CLC supporter

A long time supporter of Campaign Life Coalition and the pro-life cause has died after a brief struggle with cancer. Francis (Frank) Xavier Finn passed away March 4, 2001 at his Gananoque, Ontario home, surrounded by his family. A long-standing member of Knights of Columbus Council 4177, past Grand Knight, bulletin chairman and church activity chairman, he was an extraordinary minister of [...]

2010-07-14T14:11:10-04:00March 14, 2001|Profiles|

Bill McArthur ‘could always be counted on’

If pro-life work is advanced by a quiet but steady resolve in defence of innocent, unborn life, then Toronto's Bill McArthur certainly was an exemplary pro-lifer. Bill died February 19 at the age of 73. He had been in declining health due to lingering problems related to asthma and weakened lungs. A long-time employee of Canadian National Railways, Bill was one-half of [...]

2010-07-14T14:10:24-04:00March 14, 2001|Profiles|

Marathon counselling

The young man, in his twenties, rushed down the Toronto abortuary laneway urging the young woman with him to "hurry or we'll be late." Standing within view, Robert, a counsellor at Aid to Women, caught up with them. "We run a care center and if you're thinking about having an abortion, we can help you." For an instant they paused, so he [...]

2010-07-14T14:08:45-04:00March 14, 2001|Abortion|

The absurdities of ‘donating’ motherhood

Women who sell or donate their eggs and giving away a whole lot more Donating motherhood "Is this egg worth $50,000?" is the provocative title of an article in Self magazine (Nov. 2000) that takes a close look at the new world of "egg donation." According to its author, Sheila Weller, close to 4,500 American women "donate" their eggs every year. Receiving $50,000 [...]

2010-07-14T14:07:49-04:00March 14, 2001|Donald DeMarco, Motherhood|

Speaker tells pro-life students never to forget that humanity of unborn child is key

"Daddy, can I kill this?" If your five-year-old child asked this question while your back was turned, another question would pop instantly into your mind: What is "this"? Speaking at St. Mary's University in Halifax to about 25 pro-life students from all over the Atlantic provinces, Scott Klusendorf started with this question. It is the question ignored, avoided, shouted down, and glossed [...]

2010-07-14T14:06:43-04:00March 14, 2001|Pro-Life|

Christian Media Association forms in Halifax

"Celebrate Sunday," a project of Halifax's fledgling Christian Media Association, is using a weekly program of contemporary Christian music and inspirational profiles to reach "the unchurched" via secular radio. It had its genesis when a small group of Halifax businessmen formed the Christian Media Association. Moving quickly, they incorporated, gained charitable status, and by May 1998 they were on the air in [...]

2010-07-14T14:05:24-04:00March 14, 2001|Society & Culture|

Christian groups win East Coast Music awards

"We are happy and proud to have taken home this year's East Coast Music Award in the Gospel Music category," says Janice McLaughlin, speaking for the LaPointes of Fredericton. It was the third year they were nominated, and the first year Gospel, or Christian, music was in a separate category from Blues. A nomination means that in the eyes of the professionals [...]

2010-07-14T14:01:02-04:00March 14, 2001|Events|

Ottawa Youth for Life accused of ‘hate crime’

RCMP responds to complaint about guest speaker's belief that homosexual acts are sinful An Ottawa pro-life youth group with chapters at the two Ottawa universities has been under intense harassment for their efforts to set up a debate on abortion. Carleton University Womyn's [sic] Centre objected to the debate after learning that the pro-life side would be represented by famed pro-life apologist [...]

2010-07-14T13:58:49-04:00March 14, 2001|Society & Culture|

Young pro-lifer in serious accident

Just days before he was scheduled to leave for New York to assist with pro-life lobby efforts at the United Nations, Campaign Life Coalition Youth member Paul Jalsevac was very seriously injured in a car accident. On March 5, 20-year-old Paul, the son of LifeSite manager Steve Jalsevac of Toronto, was hit head-on driving into the grounds of Christendom College in Virginia, where [...]

2010-07-14T13:56:36-04:00March 14, 2001|Profiles|

Pro-life TV ads a great success

An Alliance for Life Ontario television campaign launched last fall was so successful the organization is planning on doing it again, only this time on a larger scale. The Alliance for Life (AFL) Campaign 2000 featured pro-life television advertisements broadcast on 19 TV stations penetrating all major Ontario markets, including CTV, Global and MuchMusic. The five-week campaign ran from October to December. [...]

2010-07-14T13:53:48-04:00March 14, 2001|Paul Tuns, Society & Culture|

Liberalism, old and new

The new liberalism cut itself off from universal principles and focused on choice itself Once upon a time, there was a parsimonious parson who, to save money, tried to brighten the exterior of his place of worship with watered down paint. After he finished his job and saw the paint cascading down the chapel walls, he called upon God for guidance. According [...]

2010-07-14T13:52:12-04:00March 14, 2001|Donald DeMarco, Politics|
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