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The ‘shining wires’ of bioethics: the desire for human perfection

The expression of deep ethical concerns by the prolife movement parallels the development of contemporary "bioethics." Those ethical concerns relate to the death-dealing "shining wires" and controls hidden in the undergrowth of human determination, not only to heal but to achieve the unlimited perfection of the human race. That determination is eugenic in nature. Darwin is noted to have written, "We civilized [...]

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The Empire strikes back

Well, she's done it again. Canada's mistress of anything abortion, Barbara Hestrin, has written another unethical swipe at those who oppose her means of putting bread on the table. I am talking of course of the former president of Planned Parenthood of Canada. You know her as the abortoholic that runs the abortion mill at the Children's and Women's Health Centre of [...]

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A drastic contradiction

About the week in which Timothy McVeigh was executed by injection I read in an American newspaper that doctors are not allowed to administer the injections - "because it would be against the Hippocratic Oath." Hippocrates was a physician who lived in the fifth century before Christ, and the Oath is attributed to him. Up to relatively recent times, well into this [...]

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Couples who shack up, break up

I hate to say I told you so. But my goodness, I told you so. Not just me, of course. Everyone who believes in family, marriage and unchanging morality. All those people, in fact, who have been routinely chastised by the trendy powers that be and their fellow travellers. I refer to a report from Statistics Canada that concludes that people who [...]

2010-07-19T08:33:03-06:00July 19, 2001|Michael Coren, Society & Culture|

FCP past president Jerry Young led exemplary life

I knew Jerry Young for 13 years, since the Family Coalition Party of Ontario had a small office on Dundas Street East in downtown Toronto. He was on the executive of the party as vice-president, president and past president for most of those years. Jerry's approach to business and to politics was very direct and professional. You did not have to guess [...]

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good news corner

Mrs. Notten's 'prayer quilts' Little did Harriet Notten realize that when she lovingly crafted one of her colourful "prayer quilts," it would help change a mother's mind about having an abortion. Mrs. Notten, a Hamilton grandmother with health problems, hand sews dozens of beautiful quilts decorated with lively nursery rhyme characters and themes and donates them to Toronto's Aid to Women. She [...]

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Group tackles contraception as root of abortion

One More Soul seeks to 'convince people that children are a blessing from God' "Contraception is probably worse than abortion. We have to preach the whole story. I think this is one reason why we haven't got further in the battle," announced Joe Scheidler at the National Pro-Life Conference in Toronto last October. This is a position that has been taken by [...]

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Public sex-health nurses in Catholic schools?

Public sex-health nurses in Catholic schools: are they benefitting the students or doing harm? As a part-time supply teacher at the secondary level, I get to see things from a unique perspective, how schools vary in principals' and teachers' and students' approaches to teaching and learning. I am also the coordinator of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area Right to Life Association. The K-W RTL [...]

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President Bush agonizes over whether to fund embryo-destructive stem cell research

Must decide whether to keep a firm campaign promise to pro-life voters LifeSite NewsAs U.S. President George Bush is about to release his decision on the use and funding of the destructive use of human embryos for stem cell experimentation, advocates and opponents are competing to have their voices heard. Pro-life groups have presented a unified front against the killing of this [...]

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Comparing the Tories and the Ontario Coalition

After the Ontario Conservatives' tax credit proposal for private schools was announced many people might be tempted to say that the government has finally seen the light. However we should consider the following. Health. Spending continues to increase, services levels and doctor shortages continue to increase. The Tories have not developed any strategic plan to deal with the costs of health care [...]

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Without truth, conscience is a shot in the dark

Subjectivists prefer to avoid facing the possibility they may be complicit in wrongdoing Conscience, like most important concepts in the contemporary world, is widely misunderstood. In fact, its more popular usage is the perfect antithesis of what it really means. The world, being skeptical and not believing that one can know what is true, has disconnected conscience from the realm of the [...]

2010-07-19T08:33:59-06:00July 19, 2001|Donald DeMarco|

Is Canada unremittingly hostile to conservatism?

The situation of the Canadian Alliance illustrates the difficulties small-c conservatives face The news since April 24, 2001, is full of stories about the caucus revolt in the Canadian Alliance against Stockwell Day. Although showing initial promise, Day has gotten himself into a cycle of negativity from which it seems impossible for him to escape. Much of the Canadian Alliance's failure in [...]

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U.S. Catholic pro-lifers petition the pope to excommunicate pro-abortion politicians

American Catholic pro-lifers have set in motion a legal appeal to Pope John Paul II with the hope of excommunicating pro-abortion politicians. "A Canonical Petition to Excommunicate Culture of Death 'Catholics'" was originated by Timothy A. Chichester, executive director of Yankee Samizsdat. Other plaintiffs include Judie Brown, president of American Life League; Stephen Brady, president of Roman Catholic Faithful; Christopher A. Ferrara, [...]

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Mary Wagner’s statement of defence: Pro-life beliefs must be lived out

July 19, 2001 Your Honour, My friend and co-accused, myself and many others are deeply troubled. We are troubled by the hard truth, that in our country and throughout our world, child after child is being killed before she has left her mother's womb. What is most shameful is that we, who are grown, continue to allow our tiniest sisters and brothers [...]

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Pro-lifers Wagner and Reed sentenced for Vancouver witness

B.C. law bans prayer, handing out roses On June 25, two British Columbia pro-lifers who were witnessing peacefully outside a Vancouver abortuary were arrested. Mary Wagner and Glenn Reed were arrested outside Everywoman's abortion mill where they were praying and holding roses that they give to incoming abortion clients. Campaign Life Coalition B.C. President John Hof told The Interim that although Wagner [...]

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