Everything you need to know about our ‘brave new world’

Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World by Wesley Smith (Encounter Books, $38.95 in bookstores or $35.00 through the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, toll free at: 1-877-439-3348, 219 pgs ) Reviewed by Alex Schadenberg The Interim Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World (Brave New World) is Wesley J. Smith's latest book. Smith, a senior fellow with the Discovery Institute and the legal [...]

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Uphill battle for Canadian Alliance in Quebec

On Jan. 7 2002, in Montreal Stockwell Day launched his campaign to succeed himself as Canadian Alliance leader. By the choice of this location, he wanted to show that he was the only pan-Canadian candidate for the Alliance leadership race. Notwithstanding a certain false enthusiasm of the 200 attendees, the beginning of his campaign was not a great success: only four Alliance [...]

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What the Wise Men teach us

As I write this it is the feast of the Epiphany, the coming of the Wise Men to visit Jesus, one of the most beautiful and meaningful feasts in the calendar of the Church. The word epiphany means "manifestation" or "showing forth". The reason is that this was the showing forth of Christ to the Gentiles. Who were these Wise Men? Almost [...]

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Ernie Eves, man of the people

There is a story going around that Ernie Eves doesn't like getting out of bed before noon. Ernie may have to if he wants to succeed his golfing buddy Ontario Premier Mike Harris, who is retiring. It used to be called "The Mike and Ernie Show." The rest were bit players. Ernie was the former finance minister, deputy prime minister and government [...]

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Herod is alive and well

I pen these words sitting in a hospital room, with my daughter Natalie lying just a few feet away from me. The preceding week has been one full of mixed emotions. Happiness and joy for the celebrations connected with Jesus' birthday, and then the dawn of the real millennium, and concern over the health of our precious daughter. This was to be [...]

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Hispanic community conference

A first-ever Hispanic family conference in Toronto is said to be heralding a greater awareness of, and participation in, family and life issues among Canada's Hispanic community. Jornada de la Familia (A Day of the Family), held at St. Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Church in North York Nov. 23-25, attracted some 100 people to hear several presenters, including keynote speaker Father Miguel [...]

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Dolly the sheep’s arthritis is a warning on cloning

Dolly the sheep is the poster child for cloning. But researchers are now discovering flaws in what appeared to be a huge success – the five-year-old sheep has developed arthritis in early middle age. The diagnosis was announced in January after the animal began to limp. "We have no way of knowing whether this is due to cloning or not," said Ian [...]

2010-07-22T11:29:04-04:00February 22, 2002|Bioethics|

Doctors Without Borders taking part in abortions

LifeSite News Doctors Without Borders, known internationally by its French title, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), supports abortion, despite an official policy not to take a stand on the controversial issue. Chris Torgeson, spokesman for MSF, told LifeSite that the organization does not take a position on the issue. However, documents on the group's website suggest otherwise. Documents on the MSF website show [...]

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Latimer one year later: protecting the lives of people with disabilities

On Jan 18, 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal that Robert Latimer serve the mandatory minimum sentence for second-degree murder: 10 years in prison before parole eligibility. Some Canadians believe that Robert Latimer's sentence was too harsh. They are asking Parliament to grant him the royal prerogative of mercy. Only a misguided mercy [...]

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Nova Scotia library rejects Christian gifts

In the fall of 2000, Michael Arsenault donated $400 worth of brand new religious books and videos to the library from the small religious bookstore he operates. He, and his wife Colleen, make frequent use of the public library in Pictou, N.S. "We have benefitted from the library, so we wanted to put something back into the system. We also knew that [...]

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Ken Campbell’s human rights trial ends amicably

LifeSite News A human rights tribunal hearing over an evangelical pastor's ad on homosexuality ended Dec. 21, with the complainant shaking hands with the pastor. Ken Campbell, a frequent speaker at pro-life events, was taken before the tribunal to answer to charges that a 1998 ad he had published in the Globe and Mail was offensive to a practising homosexual who complained [...]

2010-07-22T09:53:29-04:00February 22, 2002|Human Rights Commissions|

French gov’t rejects ‘right not to be born’

LifeSite News The French Parliament passed a government bill aimed at reversing a Supreme Court decision which has been slammed for creating a "right not to be born." The decision will not however change very much in the way of doctors' fears of being sued by parents whose children are born disabled. In early Dec., France's highest appeals court ruled that children [...]

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Question and answer with Linda Gibbons

Well-known pro-life activist Linda Gibbons has spent a large portion of the last seven years in prison for numerous challenges of court-imposed bubble-zone injunctions around certain Toronto abortuaries. The injunctions prohibit pro-life activity of any sort within specified areas around the abortuaries. Gibbons was in southern Ontario recently for a visit away from her current residence in small town Alberta, where she [...]

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Life and sexuality issues in the Anglican Church

The Anglican Church of Canada is the third-largest denomination in Canada, with 700,000 members. Only the Catholic Church and the United Church of Canada are larger. On issues such as abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia, the ACC is more liberal than the Catholic Church but more conservative than the UCC. The United Church permits abortion on demand, the ordination of practising homosexuals, the [...]

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