A ‘just’ society?

On April 13, the Social Affairs Commission of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a document to help Catholic citizens of Canada make good choices in the upcoming federal election. Unfortunately, the document does not have the strength and precision that many had hoped for and that we find in the teachings of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [...]

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Chinese faithful to the cause

It is extraordinary how what appears to be a casual meeting with a person may develop into something very significant. Some years ago, I met a young Chinese lady through "Night Watch" and pro-life activity. Her name is Bernadette Chang. As my missionary work was chiefly in Africa, I had met very few Chinese people. But, it did not take long for [...]

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Counsellor saved many babies in her short time

She was with us for only a short time, but her legacy will live on in the babies she helped save from abortion through her crisis pregnancy work, as well as in the numerous other accomplishments she achieved in helping those who could not help themselves. Tina Arruda died on Good Friday at the age of 38 after a battle with cancer. [...]

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On being pro-life

Over the last 100 years, a number of developments have changed society forever, such as the abolition of slavery and the expansion of women's rights. These changes have had to do with freedom and choice. But there is one thing many people believe there should still be no choice about - abortion. Abortion needs to stop. Taking this stance is called being [...]

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Family advocates gather in Mexico

From March 28-31, over 3,200 people from across the globe gathered in Mexico City to attend the World Congress of Families III, the largest-ever international gathering of pro-family leaders, activists and thinkers. Hosted by the Family Network (Mexico), along with co-convening pro-family organizations from every continent, participants met, networked and forged an international pro-family alliance that transcends national borders, cultures and faith [...]

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Federal health minister eases morning-after pill rules

The federal health agency Health Canada is proposing to allow the dispensation of the abortifacient "morning-after pill" levonorgestrel without prescription from a physician and has established a time period ending August 5 for submissions from interested parties on the proposal. Pro-life advocates note that despite Health Canada claims to the contrary, the pill - distributed in Canada by Montreal-based Paladin Laboratories, a [...]

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Scott Brockie saddled with debt

The legal sagas of Scott Brockie continue, more than eight years after a complaint was first filed against the Christian printer from Toronto for refusing to publish gay- and lesbian-oriented literature. In the latest installment, the Ontario Court of Appeal has reversed a Divisional Court ruling and put Brockie on the hook for more than $40,000, which includes legal costs - his, [...]

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Quotas for homosexuals?

Just when I thought political correctness had peaked, here comes word that there will be a "gay quota" at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this July. Democratic parties in at least 15 states have set numerical "goals" for the number of homosexuals that must be in their state delegations. California, for example, has set the "goal" of 22 homosexual men and [...]

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Sexual orientation debated at UN

By Interim StaffThis year's session of the United Nations' Commission on Human Rights in Geneva March 15 - April 23 was fraught with controversy, as delegates debated the creation of a new brand of human rights that included special recognition of homosexuals and access to abortion on demand. Under a broad and vague theme entitled "the right of everyone to the enjoyment [...]

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Safe, legal and rare … oh my!

A decade ago, Elizabeth Taylor was going from one celebrity AIDS rally to another, urging us to make sure we "use a condom every time you have sex, every time." Every time, Liz? Apparently so, until one day mankind is extinct and giant condoms roam the earth, bouncing across the ruins of our civilization like playful prophylactics in animated Scandinavian health ministry [...]

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Scandal ended C-250 death hopes

Interim StaffIt was Gwen Landolt, vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, who first raised the alarm about Bill C-250 in May 2002. MP Svend Robinson, the homosexual "rights" advocate, was pushing his subtle amendment to the hate speech section of the Criminal Code and only a handful of MPs were in the Commons for a vote at Second Reading. Landolt was furious [...]

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Pro-family, religious groups fear dissent from gay agenda now illegal

Interim StaffIn the end, the final vote on Bill C-250 wasn't even close. On April 28, senators voted 59-11 at Third Reading to push through Svend Robinson's pernicious private member's legislation, which adds the undefined phrase "sexual orientation" to the "hate" speech provisions of the Criminal Code. Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson wasted no time and signed the bill into law a day later. [...]

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Youth conference draws diverse speakers, large crowd

Minutes after the room was filled with youthful cheers and joyous songs, one could hear a pin drop though the room was still filled with more than 200 teenagers as they listened to Senator Anne Cools. The senator was the first speakers following a musical kick-off to the full day May 14 CLCY conference on the campus of the University of Ottawa. [...]

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Thousands march on Parliament

Organizers say the 2004 March for Life was very much a success after almost 4,000 people descended on Canada's capital May 13 to once again personally urge federal legislators to recognize the right to life for all human beings, from conception to natural death. With the theme, "Life Is the Only Choice," the seventh annual event was marked by several firsts, including [...]

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Progressive Canadian Party runs pro-lifer against Belinda

'Elvis Priestley' out to beat former Conservative leadership hopeful on home turf By David Bolton The InterimHe's "all shook up," has his "blue suede walkin' shoes" on and is ready to hit the campaign trail. Rev. Dorian Baxter, BA, OTC, M. Div. and aka "Elvis Priestly," is seeking office as the MP for the new riding of Newmarket-Aurora in the upcoming federal [...]

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