Steckle a tireless defender of life

After 11 years of public life, MP Paul Steckle (L-Huron Bruce, Ont.) has not lost his enthusiasm for serving his constituents. It's the "love of the people" that drew him to politics initially and the same love that keeps him coming back. "There are so many causes that need our attention, individuals requiring help to work through their problems and encouragement in [...]

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What about “Rape and Incest?” “Life of the mother?”

In the debate on regulating abortion in Canada, some people have suggested that access to abortion should not be restricted in "hard cases" - pregnancy caused by rape or incest, or when a pregnancy appears to threaten a woman's life. In responding to such proposals, we must consistently return to the basic principle of the pro-life movement: the direct taking of innocent [...]

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Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia, often referred to as "mercy killing," is an act or failure to act which of itself and by intention causes a person's death, with the intention to end suffering. Legally, euthanasia is classified as homicide. "Active euthanasia" refers to an act which intentionally causes the death of another person. This can be done in many ways, but is usually associated with [...]

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Provincial Governments “Choose” to fund abortions

Most Canadians believe that the cost of an abortion must be covered by provincial health care systems. However, there is no legal basis for that argument. The Canada Health Act requires that province must fund only medically necessary procedures. The act does not mention any specific services, including abortion. Neither pro-abortionists nor the government has ever proved that abortion is a medical [...]

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RU-486 and the “Morning After Pill”…abortion by other names…

What is RU-486? RU-486 was first developed in France in 1981, and is currently being tested in Canada. It is generally used from three to seven weeks gestation, and is referred to as a "chemical" or "medical" abortion, as it does not usually require surgery. RU-486 is actually a combination of two drugs. The first, a steroid, causes the lining of the [...]

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16 Years Later, Still No Abortion Law

Parliament Can and Must Act We live with a terrible reality in Canada. Unlike any other modern democracy, there is no law regulating abortions at any stage of pregnancy. A pregnant woman can get an abortion at any time, for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy. For all 9 months, indeed at any time, even during child birth, the unborn child [...]

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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Canada Globe and Mail reported that the Conservative Party's new "Policy Advice to the Leader" document that will serve as the party's campaign policy guide, "eschews hardline notions such as MP recall and social conservatism in favour of a more centrist approach," because it does not mention abortion and permits free votes for MPs on the "sticky issue" of the definition of [...]

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Supreme injustice

On May 18, the Supreme Court found that a section of the Canada Elections Act, the so-called Gag Law, passed by Parliament, did not violate the Charter Rights of Canadians. By a comfortable margin, the Court upheld the legislation by a vote of 6-3. This is an outrage. This judgment was judicial activism by omission: the same Supreme Court which has so [...]

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Vote pro-life

There is something deeply wrong with a country when remedying a lack of democracy becomes a campaign promise. The so-called "democratic deficit" is not new: Canadians have silently endured it for many years. How ironic that Canada, one of the earliest examples of responsible government, should have squandered so much of its heritage of freedom. Imperceptibly, democratic participation has lapsed into apathy. [...]

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Pro-lifers eyeing big electoral gains

Ontario shaping up as a key battleground More than 40 pro-life MPs may be elected By Paul Tuns The InterimCanadians will go to the polls on June 28 and pro-life leaders are excited about the opportunities to increase the number of MPs who will defend the sanctity of human life in the political arena. According to the Campaign Life Coalition Voter's Guide [...]

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