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Police who truly serve and protect

Grace Petrasek The Interim Something unusual happened at Toronto’s downtown Aid to Women office last fall, just before Robert retired as a full-time sidewalk and office counsellor. A distraught young father was refused entrance to the next-door abortuary to say a final goodbye to his girlfriend (probably both college or university students). Fortunately, the police came to his rescue within minutes, responding [...]

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The destruction of Canada: a survey

Paul Tuns The Interm “Once human life is devalued at its core, a chain of devaluation begins that travels outward from the source and cheapens all life. This chain is not visible in any single person's decision. From legalized abortion to child abuse and infanticide, to convenience killing of the disabled, to passive euthanasia, to active euthanasia, to state funding and promotion [...]

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Illusion or reality?

Doreen Beagan When the environment in which we live and work and socialize is drenched in sexuality, does “innocence” still have meaning? Is “wholesome” understandable any more? There seems to be a frenzied urgency in the drive to fill even the youngest Maritime minds with unnecessarily explicit sexual information, while simultaneously stripping away their traditional protections. The goal, supposedly, is to give [...]

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March for Life 2005

The annual March for Life, which took place in May, was undoubtedly the most successful we have had so far. According to LifeSite News, it attracted more participants than ever before, with almost 6,000 attending the march on the Hill. But, perhaps the even better news is that it wasmostly made up of youth, who represented 60-70 per cent of the participants. [...]

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Beyond Gomorrah

Rev. Royal Hamel As this column is being written, same-sex “marriage” is still up in the air in Canada. Though legal and available in seven provinces and the Yukon, there is still no national law. Yet, the federal Liberals seem hell bent on imposing it on an unwilling public. And, apart from a miracle, it seems they have the numbers to push [...]

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Private healthcare going to the dogs

Hospital waiting lists are much in the news lately. I got a call from the federal government in Ottawa to serve on a committee seeking solutions. As a public-spirited citizen, I felt it was my duty to serve and I was also offered a shockingly outrageous stipend, which will make Judge Gomery blanch when he gets around to reviewing it. Well, you [...]

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It’s self evident!

Rory Leishman In the morning of June 16, one of the most impressive pro-life demonstrations in the history of London occurred outside the gates of the University of Western Ontario. It was a peaceful and prayerful gathering of pro-lifers witnessing to the sanctity of all human life and deploring the shameful decision of the university to confer an honourary doctorate on Henry [...]

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Musician takes pro-life cause on tour

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Musician David Vogel was diligently preparing for the 2005 edition of the Festival for Life Tour – a pro-life musical event that brings together over 100 Catholic and Christian performers – when a little thing called the Terri Schiavo case got in the way. Learning that there was a plan to starve and dehydrate the disabled woman to [...]

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Liberals rail over ‘cyber-squatting’

Peter Stock The Interim The truth will set you into a frenzy – at least, that was the case recently with the easily agitated MP Don Boudria (Lib, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell), during a mid-June sitting of the Commons. The hyper-sensitive Boudria launched into a tirade against Dr. Charles McVety of the Defend Marriage Coalition for allegedly “cyber-squatting” a website domain name that Boudria had [...]

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Schiavo autopsy released

John Jalsevac Special to The Interim At a June 14 news conference, a Florida medical examiner released the results of the autopsy performed on Terri Schiavo, after her high-profile court-ordered execution resulted in her death on March 31 of this year. The results of the autopsy were highly anticipated, given many unanswered questions around the controversial case, especially the unknown cause of [...]

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‘New AIDS’ hits Canada

Paul Tuns The Interim (Editor’s Note: There are graphic descriptions of the effects of the disease and the behaviour that spreads it. Readers are warned to use discretion before proceeding.) A potentially deadly type of chlamydia rife in Africa, Asia and South America has made its way to North America through Europe. The Public Health Agency of Canada has reported 22 cases [...]

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ABC info not welcome at Halifax conference Special to The Interim A group providing information about the link between abortion and breast cancer was asked to leave an international conference on breast cancer in Halifax in early June. Ellen Chesal, of the group Positive Options for Women, told LifeSite that her group’s table at the conference was very well received by most of the conference attendees. “We [...]

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Senate moves to ban spanking

By Dina Kok The Interim A private member’s bill currently before the Canadian Senate seeks to criminalize spanking as a form of discipline by parents. Introduced as Senate Bill S-21 this past December, the bill was sponsored by Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, a Liberal senator appointed by Jean Chretien. The bill is seeking to amend Clause 1 of Section 43 of the Criminal [...]

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Canada joins embryo stem cell club

By Paul Tuns The Interim Researchers at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto have produced Canada’s first embryonic stem cell lines and are boasting about this country being a leader in curing various diseases and ailments. Some scientists, however, say those involved in the ground-breaking science are overstating claims as to the kind of cures that may come from the unproven research. Dr. [...]

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Bribery being investigated Did PMO offer Tory MP post to keep power?

Interim Staff May 19 could have been the last day of the 38th Parliament, had the minority Liberals not obtained the votes of some extra MPs in advance of a critical confidence motion. Had the government been defeated, so, too, would the anti-marriage Bill C-38 and, barring an election miracle, the political career of Paul Martin would have ended also. After watching [...]

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