Acts of Bush

Things have reached a bad point in the United States. I’ve noticed people don’t blame God anymore for hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons and blizzards. Is that a bad sign – that they don’t believe in God anymore? People used to use the favourite phrase of insurance companies: “acts of God.” It was used when insurance companies faced financial-disaster payouts due to calamities like [...]

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The future of our civilization is at stake

On Nov. 17-19, an important conference will be held in Montreal to promote life and family in Canada. (See the brochure for registration on the welcome page of All the lectures will be translated simultaneously in French and English. More than 30 pro-life speakers, about half in French and half in English, will address the challenges that face Canada at the [...]

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Pray for Colombia

I returned back from Ireland less than a week ago. I knew a column for The Interim was due, but could not think of any particular subject. I was both mentally and physically exhausted. Then, I received my daily dispatch from, in which there was a very important article entitled, “A plea for prayer for Colombia,” written by Dan Zeidler, who [...]

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Surrendering to rule by a judicial elite

On the 28th of January 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down one of the most disastrous judgements in the history of Canada. The case was R. v. Morgentaler and at issue were a multitude of brazen violations of abortion restrictions in the Criminal Code by Henry Morgentaler. The duty of the judges was clear: they should have authorized the Crown [...]

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Health agency alters rules to make embryo research Special to The Interim The Canadian Institutes of Health Research is the government body overseeing Canadian experiments in cloning and use of embryos for research and was the major lobbyist in favour of the unrestricted use of living embryonic human beings for destructive medical research. It will come as no surprise to many, therefore, that the CIHR has changed the rules [...]

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Q and A with: Des Burge

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Des Burge has held a number of positions within the church and other Canadian institutions. A graduate of St. Dunstan’s University in P.E.I., he worked for awhile as a reporter and night editor at the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper. He then joined the RCAF and spent seven years with the air force, mainly in public relations, before becoming director [...]

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Roberts eliciting mixed reviews

Tony Gosgnach The Interim U.S. conservatives can’t seem to decide whether Supreme Court nominee John Roberts is with them, against them or somewhere in between. But one thing’s for sure – if his position can be assessed by the enemies he has, they have nothing to worry about. Leftist, liberal and pro-abortion groups jumped on Roberts as soon as his nomination as [...]

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Roberts attacks U.S deference to foreign law

Editor’s note: These are excerpts from the Sept. 14 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Judge John Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court, during which Roberts explained his opposition to applying foreign or international law to U.S. cases. Senator Jon Kyl (R -Arizona): There’s been a lot of discussion about the Supreme Court’s reliance, or even reference to, foreign law to determine the [...]

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Silent No More campaign leaving abortion on its last, shaky leg

Natalie Hudson The Interim There is a new movement afoot in the world of pro-life advocacy that is leaving the last leg of the pro-abortion position very shaky, indeed. The movement began in the United States and is called the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SNMAC). All across North America, women are speaking out about their experiences with abortion. And women whom [...]

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‘Experts’ don’t have ethical problem with fetal ‘art’

Terry Vanderheyden The Interim A panel of experts has concluded there is no reason to exclude a controversial piece of “art,” which depicts the head of an unborn baby grafted onto the body of a bird,  from a collection of Chinese works on display in a Swiss museum. One legal expert claims opposition to the piece is a matter of “taste.” The [...]

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Canadian to head International Order of Alhambra

Pete Vere The Interim With the support of approximately 75 per cent of voting delegates, the International Order of Alhambra has elected Gerald K. Forster as its new supreme commander. The order is a 100-year-old Catholic fraternal organization that is devoted to serving the mentally and cognitively challenged. It boasts more than 4,000 members throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States. These [...]

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Youth are building a culture of life

Eric Mason The Interim Thomas Jefferson once wrote that, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” These inspiring words hold a special significance today in Canada, where the culture of death and its destructive vision of humanity permeates the political sphere. This Jeffersonian aphorism has become an empty [...]

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In opposition to ideological terrorism

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim It has become commonplace for a person who disagrees with the opinion of another to ask him, usually in a derisive manner, “What’s your problem?” This question is not designed to advance discussion. The style of Socrates, so it seems, is no longer in fashion. The more rational, civilized, inquiring question, “How did you arrive at [...]

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Stems cells linked to ‘genetic errors’ Special to The Interim Human embryonic stem cells have long been known to be unstable and difficult to control. In some cases, where they have been used directly in therapeutic trials, the use of embryonic stem cells has been disastrous for patients. Now, a researcher from Johns Hopkins University, an institution that has backed the use of embryos for research, has [...]

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Pope exhorts youth to rise above the fray

John-Henry Westen The Interim By all accounts, World Youth Day, held this year in Cologne, Germany, was a phenomenal success and one during which young Catholics and the world were exhorted to rise above the fray, respect orthodoxy and defend the sanctity of life. During his homily for the closing Mass of World Youth Day, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the youth to [...]

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