Katrina’s other victims

Paul Tuns The Interim Early reports of 10,000 deaths in the wake of Hurricane Katrina are now, fortunately, higher than reality but the death toll may still ignore the victim’s of the storm’s chaotic aftermath. England’s Sunday Mail broke a story of hospital staff committing euthanasia in the days after Katrina hit New Orleans, knocking out electricity, cutting off transportation and stranding [...]

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Definition of death may be changed to satisfy demand for organs

Is Canada heading toward a policy of allowing terminally ill patients to be killed for body parts? LifeSiteNews.com Special to The Interim Before the practice of organ donation and transplants began, the definition of death was not very difficult. If a person had no signs of life, if his brain, heart and other organs had ceased to show any activity, he was [...]

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A meeting of ‘the two solitudes’

Interim Staff Campagne Quebec Vie president Luc Gagnon says the annual National Pro-life Conference his organization is hosting in Montreal Nov. 17-19 presents an excellent opportunity for English and French Canada to reflect on shared values, as the two cultures look into the future at the cultural, political and spiritual battles ahead. Noting that the last pro-life conference held in Montreal was [...]

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Alberta pastor to go before human rights tribunal

John Jalsevac Special to The Interim Currently, Rev. Stephen Boissoin, a young Alberta pastor who spearheads a youth ministry that makes hundreds of weekly contacts with at-risk youth, is in the process of learning Arabic so he can better minister to the many Muslim youths he says come to his centres. And with two children of his own, in addition to his [...]

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Feds found to be funding feminist extremism

Peter Stock The Interim It’s among the smallest of federal departments with only 70 staff, nearly all of whom are women, yet it has to be considered among the most controversial. The Status of Women ministry, with its unfortunate acronym SOW, is essentially a granting agency that hands out taxpayers’ money to advocacy groups that promote the radical feminist aspects of the [...]

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The abortion pill by any other name

Natalie Hudson The Interim On a beautiful, sunny day this past August, a young woman, eight weeks pregnant, walked into a Canadian medical clinic to inquire about an abortion. The attending doctor gave her two tablets of Cytotec, also known as misoprostol, without a prescription. This is a drug that is legal in Canada and commonly used for gastric ulcers. In this [...]

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Oil-for-food scandal engulfs secretary-general

Eli Schuster The Interim The political fallout from the so-called oil-for-food scandal – a farrago of bribes and kickbacks that could potentially completely discredit the United Nations – this month landed squarely on the shoulders of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, his deputy and the Security Council for allowing Saddam Hussein to steal nearly $10 billion from 1997 until the former Iraqi dictator’s ouster [...]

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Quote of the Month

“The only way a Supreme Court nominee could win the approval of NARAL and Planned Parenthood would be to actually perform an abortion during his confirmation hearing, live, on camera, and preferably a partial-birth one.”

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Martin’s business as usual

When he was a candidate for the Liberal leadership in 2003, Paul Martin promised to do something about the “democratic deficit.” He said he would implement an accountable and transparent process to appoint judges and end the practice of rewarding political cronies with plum appointments. On both counts, he has broken his promise. In August 2004, Martin appointed a pair of radical [...]

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Annan must go

The problems at the United Nations – from the 1975 resolution declaring Zionism a form of racism to the massive oil-for-food scandal that enriched Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein (as well as several UN officials and their business associates), to its inaction in genocides in Rwanda and Sudan, to the sexual abuse of locals at the hands of its peacekeepers in west Africa [...]

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Across Canada

Quebec eliminates religious instruction in schools QUEBEC CITY – Quebec lawmakers have quietly passed Bill 95, a law that effectively eliminates all religious instruction from public schools in the province. Religious education is to be replaced in 2008 by a course in “ethics” or “religious culture,” if desired. Education Minister Jean-Marc Fournier introduced Bill 95 in May, claiming it would meet “the [...]

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World Briefs

No jail time for unborn baby’s death MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – A teenage boy, now 17, who beat his pregnant girlfriend’s belly with a miniature baseball bat, inducing a miscarriage, has pleaded no contest to criminal charges and will avoid jail. Macomb County prosecutor Eric Smith had earlier described the crime as “shocking and reprehensible” and pledged he would not entertain a [...]

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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Canada B.C. Supreme Court Justice Nicole Garson rules that contrary to statutes, a homosexual affair constitutes adultery. Thus, she grants Shelley Pickering an immediate divorce, rather than require her to wait for the mandatory one-year separation period to end under Canada’s no-fault divorce law ... The Toronto Star reports that some federal Liberals are urging former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae to seek a seat in [...]

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