40 Days for Life in Canada

More than 120 people participated in the kickoff rally for 40 Days for Life in Kitchener to hear several guest speakers and hear inspirational music as they prepared for the Lenten vigil to pray for an end to abortion. Retired auxiliary bishop Matthew Ustrzycki of the Hamilton diocese and Debbie Fisher of the Silent No More Awareness campaign spoke and [...]

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Problems with “embryo-like” stem cells

Toronto scientists at Mount Sinai Hospital have discovered problems in using reprogrammed stem cells for personalized organ repair. “It looks like the reprogramming process which creates (embryonic-like) stem cells from skin cells is creating damage or mutations,” said Andras Nagy, one of the lead authors of the study published in the journal Nature. These cells, known as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS [...]

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Abuse of process hearing held in Linda Gibbons case

On Monday, March 7, a downtown Toronto courtroom took a trip back in time to the early 1990s and the days of NDP rule in Ontario, when the government of premier Bob Rae and attorney general Marion Boyd attempted to squelch pro-life activism throughout the province by way of a wide-ranging court injunction. It was part of the first day of a [...]

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Gibbons case headed to Supreme Court

Linda Gibbons, who has been arrested more than 20 times in connection to activities near a Toronto abortuary, will get her day in court. The Supreme Court of Canada, that is. Gibbons, who prays outside abortion the Scott abortuary on Gerrard Street in downtown Toronto and counsels women to not kill their babies, has never been charged with violating the 1994 “temporary” [...]

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Feds funding feminists

REAL Women of Canada has reported that “feminist research is still thriving in Canada and on the taxpayer’s dollar.” The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council under Industry Canada is the source of numerous grants for feminist and gender studies, says REAL Women, reporting that “since 1998 SSHRC has funded 1,494 research projects in the area of gender issues and 1,792 on [...]

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Baby Joseph gets rescued

Baby Joseph, son of Moe Maraachli and Sana Nader of Windsor, is one year old and suffering from a undiagnosed neurological disorder that impairs his breathing. He was put under the care of the London Health Sciences Centre and is staying alive with the help of a respirator. LHSC officials said that Joseph is in a vegetative state and will [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada In 2009 there was controversy when the study guide given to new immigrants, “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship,” did not include reference to same-sex “marriage.” A new guide released on March 14 states: “Canada’s diversity includes gay and lesbian Canadians, who enjoy the full protection of and equal treatment under the law, including access to civil marriage.” The [...]

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Canadian election campaign — three days to go

On May 2, Canadians will go to the polls for the 41st time in the country's history and Globe and Mail columnist Judith Timson attempts to resurrect the hidden agenda meme one more time. The life section columnist says 1) Stephen Harper can't be trusted to not re-open the abortion issue because unlike Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff he has not affirmed [...]

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Interview with CHP leader

Paul Tuns, editor of The Interim, interviewed Christian Heritage Party leader Jim Hnatiuk by email. Here is the exchange. The Interim: What are the priorities of the Christian Heritage Party in the 2011 federal election? Jim Hnatiuk: The top 5 priorities from our Election Platform are: Better Solutions for the Family: The family is the foundation of a stable society. CHP Canada's Family-Care [...]

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Canadian leaders report cards

From our May issue, report cards for the Canadian party leaders (based on life and family issues): Jim Hnatiuk: A+ Stephen Harper: C+ Michael Ignatieff: F Jack Layton: F Gilles Duceppe: F Elizabeth May: F

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Fr. Ted Colleton, RIP

Former Interim columnist and larger-than-life pro-life personality Fr. Ted Colleton passed away last night at the age of 97. Fr. Ted's favourite quote is the one attributed to Edmund Burke: "All evil needs to flourish is that good men do nothing." That is why, after spending most of his life in Ireland and Africa, upon coming to Canada for the final few years [...]

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Canadian election campaign, day 32

On the weekend, Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson said even if many Conservative caucus members are pro-life, Stephen Harper doesn't want to touch the abortion issue because he thinks it will prevent him from gaining seats. That's the conventional wisdom, at least. The NDP has a plan for universal daycare:  emulate the Quebec model of subsidized $7-a-day daycare. It will cost [...]

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10 candidates we’d like to see lose

Here is a list of 10 pro-abortion, anti-family candidates I hope lose on May 2. There were many to choose from and it would have been a different list if certain incumbents were running again, but alas Liberals like Keith Martin and Raymonde Folco,  NDP Bill Siksay, and Bloc Quebecois Francine Lalonde did not run for re-election. Furthermore, I would have had a different Tory on the list [...]

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Five ridings to watch

There are five riding social conservatives should watch with particular interest: 1. Mississauga South features a pro-life Liberal and pro-life Conservative. 2. Guelph features a strong pro-life, pro-family Tory challenger against a Liberal MP who insinuates he is pro-life and pro-family by telling church-goers he attends church himself -- despite voting for Bob Rae's motion to include abortion in maternal health. 3. Kitchener Centre [...]

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Vote pro-life

Our editorial in the May issue (in the mail now) encourages all social conservatives to put the abortion issue front-and-center when casting a ballot. We state: We must, therefore, lead where our leaders have failed. It is true that many courageous and committed politicians have fought the good fight, and have struggled for the pro-life cause with integrity and at great personal cost. [...]

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