The Atheist Delusion

For the past few months we have been linking to Interim contributor Harley Price's series of essays on The Atheist Delusion. Last month, the final instalment was posted. A taste: Today, radical Islam has in common with [John] Lennon that it has likewise imagined a world without religion:  specifically, without Christianity and Judaism.  In their avidity to eradicate every vestige of Christian culture, from crucifixes [...]

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New Brunswick cuts funding to radical feminists

The New Brunswick government is defending their decision to cut off all funding to the radically feminist N.B. Advisory Council on the Status of Women, which has been described as a “hub” for abortion activism in the province. Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of REAL Women Canada, praised the funding cut, saying these councils are an “anachronism” with an “inward-looking, narrow agenda” that [...]

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Feminists are woefully misguided

REAL Women of Canada recently uncovered that research into women’s and gender issues is receiving considerable funding via the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Industry Canada. Since 1998, SSHRC gave out funding for 1,792 research projects on women’s issues and 1,494 on gender issues. As a female university student, I am all too aware of the oppression we sisters face [...]

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The advantages of being mistaken

I have, on a few occasions, during my career as a pro-life advocate, been mistaken for one who promotes the other side. A TV talk show host invited me to come on her show to neutralize a previous guest of hers who was, to her chagrin, pro-life. A group of pro-abortionists asked me to host a pro-choice taping for them. I have [...]

2011-05-26T14:33:52-04:00May 26, 2011|Columnist, Donald DeMarco|

CHP election platform

Editor’s Note: The Christian Heritage Party did not respond to a request for an interview so we are reprinting the CHP 2011 election platform, as it was released through its April 5 communiqué. The Christian Heritage Party is pleased to present our 2011 election platform, which we know is essential to bring stability to the structure of Canada. Our top issue is [...]

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Pro-life parliamentarians and their bills and motions

Over the past three decades, there have been dozens of pro-life private members bills and motions introduced in the House of Commons and Senate (as well as some pro-abortion ones). While none of them have passed – many were never voted on and some died when the House was prorogued or the Writ was dropped (thus ending Parliament), it is worth recognizing [...]

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News Briefs

Carleton Lifeline files notice OTTAWA – The Carleton pro-life club has filed a Notice of Application for Judicial Review of the policies and decisions of the Carleton University Students Association (CUSA). Carleton Lifeline lost its club status on Nov. 15, 2010 after CUSA applied sections 5 and 6 of their Discrimination on Campus Policy. Section 6 prohibits any effort “that seeks to [...]

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Should we vote?

Let’s look at all these political parties craving for our votes in the forthcoming federal election. Are any of them worth voting for? The pro-abortion Bloc Québécois— the separatist party that wants Quebec to leave the country? I don’t think they are sincere. They know it would be like shooting the family cow which is the federal government’s $8.5 billion in equalization [...]

2011-05-26T14:08:27-04:00May 26, 2011|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|

Judge dismisses abuse of process application in Gibbons case

Linda Gibbons now awaits Supreme Court date On April 12, a provincial court judge dismissed a defence application for a stay of proceedings on the basis of abuse of process with regard to a charge of disobeying a court order laid against Linda Gibbons in January 2009. Madam Justice Mara Beth Greene then found Gibbons guilty of the charge, after an agreed [...]

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It’s no use. I can’t keep up with postmodern thought. Try as I may, I’m not able to get my mind around the idea that we make our own truth. The lyrics of too many popular love songs won’t let me. No matter when they’re written, they reveal unchanging truths, the kind we discover, not the kind we make up. [...]

2011-05-26T14:03:58-04:00May 26, 2011|Columnist, Joe Campbell|

Wagner found guilty of mischief

On March 28, after spending 48 days in jail awaiting trial, pro-life activist Mary Wagner had her day in court. She was arrested and charged with mischief in February after allegedly entering the Choice in Health Clinic, and offering assistance to pregnant women seeking abortions at the Toronto abortion facility. Wagner was arrested Feb. 9 after peacefully handing out roses to pregnant [...]

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Quebec minister slammed for grant to pro-life pregnancy centre

Quebec’s Health Minister was forced to apologize and re-pledge his full commitment to the “right to choose” April 12 after the opposition slammed him for giving a grant to a pro-life pregnancy centre. “The position that’s very clear in Quebec is that it’s the woman who decides if, yes or no, she should continue her pregnancy. And we go further [...]

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Wagner’s statement raises plight of unborn

Editor’s Note: Statement read by pro-life activist Mary Wagner in court during his trial for mischief, March 28. Your Honour, I stand before you accused of mischief. The Crown has presented the case against me, having argued to the effect that I did interfere with the enjoyment or operation of a lawful “business.” Were I to try to defend myself by arguing [...]

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Rasouli right-to-decide case will be precedent-setting

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition seeks intervener status The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is seeking intervener status in the Rasouli case, which will be heard before the Superior Court in May. The Rasouli case is a precedent-setting case of national importance that will decide whether doctors must obtain consent before withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining medical treatment. EPC has retained lawyers Hugh Scher and [...]

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Pro-life can teach the World

My new book, Why Catholics Are Right (McClelland & Stewart) has just been published. For those readers who are not Catholic, please know that this is in no way an attack on you. Some of the finest defenders of life I know are, for example, evangelical Protestants, who could also teach me a great deal about being a Christian. What [...]

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