Planned Parenthood’s main business is abortion: report

A report by the American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) debunks myths about the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood Federation of America: A 5-Part Analysis of Business Practices, Community Outcomes, and Taxpayer Funding argues that “three primary rationales used for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood – women’s wellness, reduction of teen pregnancy, and serving the poor – are all invalid.” Planned [...]

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Interview with former Liberal MP Garnet Bloomfield

Campaign Life Coalition interviewed former Liberal MP Garnet Bloomfield (London-Middlesex)by telephone on October 31. Bloomfield was one of two Liberals to vote against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982.  CLC: You were one of two Liberal MPs who opposed the charter in 1982. By voting against it, you voted against your party and against Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Why did [...]

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Conservative convention passes socially conservative policies

Conservative MP Rob Anders praised social conservatives for being active at the party convention. The Conservative Party of Canada came out against sex-selective abortion, euthanasia, and prostitution, and in defense of the practice of religious rights, at its national convention in Calgary, Nov. 1-2. The non-binding resolutions were passed after making it out of policy plenary sessions, as only the [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau held a “Ladies Night” fundraiser on Nov. 7 in Toronto in which he invited women “to (really) get to know the future prime minister,” during a Q&A focusing on women’s issues. Conservative and NDP MPs complained it was sexist and sexually suggestive, but American feminist icon Gloria Steinem defended Trudeau’s pitch: “If the problem is that [...]

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Partakers of hope

When the Magi set out on their journey to Bethlehem, their maps marked the borders of a large empire which ruled a world of small gods. The times were full of hunger and blood; slavery and tyranny were not exceptions but the rule; and the lot of human life, in general, was a brevity which could be extended and a misery which [...]

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Breaking news

In the days before we went to press, two major abortion-related stories broke in the press. MP Stephen Woodworth (CPC, Kitchener Center) introduced a motion that may affect life issues as it focuses on “legal recognition of the equal worth and dignity of every human being.” In another breaking story, the Canadian Press reported that minutes obtained under the Access to Information [...]

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Three recent books on Canadian politics explore theme of compromise

Three recent books about Canadian politics go a long way to explain why our politics is the way it is as they highlight the role of marketing and messaging in campaigns and governing. They raise important issues about authenticity and principles in Canadian politics, providing sometimes contradictory lessons. Michael Ignatieff’s political memoir Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics (Random House, [...]

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Moral issues and The Future of Catholicism

In my new book The Future of Catholicism (Signal Books/Random House) I devote the longest chapter to the issue of same-sex marriage, and other chapters to abortion, euthanasia, and contraception. But, some critics have argued, why spend so much time on these issues when the book is about the future of the Catholic Church? Simple. Because this is precisely the future of [...]

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Farmer gets out pro-life message

Steve De Jong has erected a sign on his British Columbia that reads “Every year in Canada, approx. 50 babies are aborted still living and left to die.” The sign highlights the scandal of children who survive abortions but are denied medical care and die. He told The Interim in an email interview that the editor removed a reference about aborted babies [...]

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Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner: Befriending the unborn no matter the cost

  Editor’s note: Bill Whatcott interviewed Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons in August when both were still incarcerated at the Vanier Centre for Women. Gibbons has since been released but Wagner remains behind bars. When I drove into the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton to interview pro-life prisoners Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner, I was struck by the contrast between the [...]

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Studies cast doubt on benefits of full-day kindergarten

The Ontario government has released the results of reports completed more than a year ago showing that the impact of its $1.5 billion per year full-day kindergarten program is mixed. Whatever benefits children gain are likely to fade as they get older. In 2010, Ontario’s Liberal government began rolling out a program for full-day kindergarten in the province, a plan that will [...]

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National homeschool pro-life network launched

A national pro-life club for homeschoolers has been started by two homeschooled students in affiliation with Student Life Link and Toronto Right to Life. The co-founders are Alexandra Jezierski, organizer of the Letters4Life campaign in support of Motion 312 and 2013 summer student at The Interim, as well as Sarah Blake, a youth board member of Toronto Right to Life. The Homeschool [...]

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Supreme court strikes down prostitution laws

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the country's prostitution laws. The National Post and CBC both have reports on the decision, and Ryan Heighton of has a brief legal analysis. It is important to remember that prostitution per se -- exchanging sexual favours for money -- is not illegal, the Criminal Code prohibited brothels, living on the avails of prostitution, [...]

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That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown

Ah, Christmas! It’s a wonderful time of the year. Many families will be trimming their trees, wrapping presents, putting up wreaths and boughs of holly, and stringing colourful lights. The old caroling books will be dusted off, eggnog will be consumed, and the unenviable task of last-minute shopping will be suffered by a few well-meaning souls. I’ll be doing many of these [...]

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Top 13 stories of 2013

13. Supreme Court hears challenge to Canada’s prostitution law In June, the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments for and against Canada’s prostitution law, which was challenged by Terri-Jean Bedford, Valerie Scott, and Amy Lebovitch. In 2010, the Criminal Code ban on brothels, pimping, and communication to buy sex was struck down by the Ontario Superior Court and in 2012, a 3-2 [...]

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