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Q & A with Fr. Luc Payette

Originally from Quebec, Fr. Luc Payette was ordained to the priesthood in 1992 for the Hamilton Diocese in Ontario. He has served at several parishes in the Diocese and is currently the pastor at Mary Immaculate Parish in Chepstow, Ont. He is the Spiritual Director for Business for Life, a not-for-profit association of Canadian business and professional people who are committed to [...]

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Mary Wagner trial challenging status of unborn child in Canadian law put off to May 13

In a relatively brief court appearance Feb. 28, Mary Wagner was remanded to May 13 and 14 for the continuation of her trial, in which she is moving to challenge the current status of human being in Canadian law as applying only to those fully born. She is being tried after pleading not guilty to one count of mischief and three of [...]

2014-05-02T07:24:23-06:00April 30, 2014|Pro-Life, Society & Culture|

Understanding and abolishing the culture of death

Shikha Patel Editor’s Note: Shikha Patel is a student at Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy in Markham, Ont., and was second in the Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. Canada, the land of the free. We live in a country fundamentally envisioned as a society of diversity, equality, and tolerance. However, upon closer observation, it becomes evident that in order to [...]

Assailant found guilty in Toronto LifeChain attack

The knife-wielding man who attacked a woman during a pro-life witness in Toronto last October was found guilty of two counts of assault and of possessing a dangerous weapon. Michael Panagapko of Toronto, 45, pled guilty to three of the five charges brought against him, court documents obtained by LifeSiteNews reveal. On Feb. 27 he was handed a suspended sentence with two [...]

2014-05-02T07:28:47-06:00April 29, 2014|LifeChain|

Not enough Roy McMurtry on Roy McMurtry

Memoirs and Reflections by Roy McMurtry (University of Toronto Press, $45, 562 pages) Late last year Roy McMurtry released his autobiography, Memoirs and Reflections, giving his account of a long and, some would say, distinguished career in public service. McMurtry has played a role in numerous political and legal dramas in this country since the 1960s, taking on bit parts in the [...]

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Election scuttles Quebec euthanasia bill

A vote on the Parti Quebecois government’s Bill 52, the Quebec euthanasia bill, died when the Quebec National Assembly recessed on February 20 without voting and the provincial assembly was dissolved on March 5 with an election was called for April 7. Just days prior to the recess, Philippe Couillard, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, secured extra time for debate [...]

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Canada one of four countries with total abortion-on-demand

Canada is one of four countries in the world that have no restrictions on abortion according to a new study from an American pro-life organization. Gestational Limits on Abortion in the United States Compared to International Norms, a new report by Angelina Baglini of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, compares the gestational limits on abortion in the United States to the limits in [...]

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Movies focusing on despair

One of the most profound aspects of Christian teaching is the idea of the sin of despair. It might seem either abstract or inapplicable for many people either too commonsensical or faithful than myself, but once the idea behind it became clear to me, it was like a bright, pitiless light came on in my mind, casting light where I had never [...]

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What the Baby Boomers wrought

The Baby Boom: How It Got That Way And It Wasn’t My Fault And I’ll Never Do It Again by P.J. O’Rourke (Atlantic Monthly Press, $31.50, 263 pages) My first argument with any book about the Baby Boomers is with anyone who tries to include me in it, and that would seem to include P. J. O’Rourke. His latest book is about [...]

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Children’s Aid horrors

Michael Coren Journalist for Life In early March you may have read something about the Lev Tahor sect in the newspapers or seen some of the coverage of this obscure Jewish ultra-orthodox group on television. Earlier in the year I interviewed two of the group’s leaders on my television show after they were accused of marrying the community’s children off [...]

2014-04-24T07:48:59-06:00April 24, 2014|Michael Coren, Society & Culture|

The Feds promote gender diversity and homosexuality in sex ed

Despite education being a provincial responsibility, the Canadian federal government has issued guidelines on how to structure a sex education program. The latest 2008 update of Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education, published by the Public Health Agency, which reports to the minister of health, is intended to be a “framework” for drafting curricula for Canadians of all ages, including children and [...]

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The ‘news’

Light is Right Joe Campbell I used to think that I recognized what news is. After all, I spent most of my working life in the news business. I don’t mean to say that I could define news. I wasn’t sure that I could. But like the jurist who wasn’t sure that he could define obscenity, I knew it when [...]

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What miscarriage tells us about life and love

Several years ago, my wife and I were thrilled to find out that she was expecting our eighth child. It is a curious fact that I have been just as excited about each child as I was for the first one. This makes sense, when one thinks that each child is an individual and unique creation. Nobody prepared me for this fact. [...]

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The boards and the bees

Ironically, in a country with a past prime minister who famously preened about the state having “no place in the bedrooms of the nation,” the schoolroom is becoming a seminar for the boudoir. Ministries of education across the country are refashioning grade school curricula according to the postulates of tendentious, pseudo-scientific ideologies of identity. The radical politics of sexual education have become [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Alberta Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford resigned on March 19 following a caucus revolt over extravagant travel expenses including a $45,000 tab to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December. Redford, who became leader and premier in 2011 and was elected in 2012, supports legal abortion and same-sex “marriage,” and came out against conscience rights in the 2012 provincial campaign … For [...]

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