Former Tory running for Liberals misrepresents abortion views

Former MP Bill Casey seems to have flip-flopped on abortion to run for Justin Trudeau's Liberals. When a former Tory MP announced he would run in his old Nova Scotia riding for the Liberals, the first thing political journalists focused on was not the party-jumping involved in Bill Casey seeking the Liberal nomination in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodobit Valley, but whether his views [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Bill C-36, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, the government’s anti-prostitution bill that outlaws the buying of sex rather than focus on the selling of sexual services, passed the Senate and awaits approval from the Supreme Court of Canada. The bill passed “on division” meaning senators agreed that the majority of the Senate supported it, although there was no [...]

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Linda Gibbons freed from prison after charges are withdrawn

Linda Gibbons is free after the Crown withdrew charges of disobeying a court order and obstructing a peace officer, but not before spending three months in jail. Pro-life activist Linda Gibbons walked out of a downtown Toronto courtroom a free woman Nov. 12 after the Crown withdrew criminal charges of disobeying a court order and obstructing a peace officer, laid [...]

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A nice story

Saved – By Mother Teresa by Sara denBok with Tim denBok (LifeCycle Books, $5, 22 pages Sara denBok’s story is remarkable and indeed miraculous. An orphan in India rescued by a police officer and delivered to the orphanage run by Mother Teresa. It is hard to imagine that denBok would be alive today were it not for the life-saving and life-affirming work [...]

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Britain votes to ban sex-selective abortion

Canadian parliamentarians aren’t even allowed to debate gendercide Conservative MP Leon Benoit raised the issue of gendercide during a statement in the House of Commons Britain is making progress on banning sex-selective abortion. United Kingdom MPs voted in favour of Conservative MP Fiona Bruce’s Abortion (Sex Selection) Bill by 181-1 on Nov. 4. The only MP who voted against the [...]

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The brave new world of three- and four-parent babies

As British scientists lobby for permission to create three-parent embryos, some bioethicists are calling for the creation of four-parent babies. In an article for the November edition of the Journal of Medical Ethics, John Harris, César Palacios-González, and Giuseppe Testa suggest using stem cells to create eggs and sperm (in vitro generated gametes or IVG) to allow for “multiplex parenting.” The bioethicists [...]

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Jean Augustine criticized over expenses

A pro-abortion former MP that was appointed by former Ontario Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty to be the Fairness Commissioner in 2007 has been criticized for claiming excessive and inappropriate expenses. Jean Augustine billed Ontario taxpayers for thousands of dollars for foreign limousine rides, a city sightseeing tour in Finland, and for a pair of $3.40 headphones on a flight from Toronto to [...]

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New but not nice

T hey say that computers are becoming more like us. I don’t care if they are as long as we don’t become more like them. I wouldn’t want us to treat our elders the way computers treat theirs. Why, new computers are so full of themselves they want nothing to do with the old ones and eventually don’t even communicate with them. [...]

2014-12-19T10:11:39-05:00December 19, 2014|Joe Campbell|

Media elite unplugged

Last month I wrote about the unease and apprehension that the internet and social media have inspired, within society and even in the precincts of Hollywood. The story so far is that, after marvelling at the massive new fortunes made by entities like Facebook and Twitter, we’ve begun worrying that moving parts of our social and emotional life online might not be [...]

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Humble origins have an eternal reality

Faith and Life Father Ted Colleton “God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, that we might have life through Him.” – First Letter of St. John There is a story, really a parable about a very rich man who had a little daughter of 6 or 7, whom he loved with all his heart. When Christmas [...]

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Top 14 stories of 2014

14. UN condemns Vatican for Catholic teaching on abortion On January 31, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child released a report castigating the Vatican for its moral teachings. The committee, which provides oversight to the 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child, focused on the Catholic Church’s handling of cases of abuse of children by priests, but [...]

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Democracy and Christianity are compatible

National Affairs Rory Leishman Over the past 50 years in North America, faithful Christians – that is to say, those who look to Sacred Scripture as the ultimate authority on all questions of faith and morality – have endured one political calamity after another. In the United States, the process came to an early climax in 1973 with the calamitous [...]

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Christian compassion

With all of the talk about the deadly Ebola virus I have been reminded about how pro-lifers and Catholics in particular were treated when we dared to criticize conventional wisdom about how to deal with AIDS and HIV. We are condemned because many in the pro-life community highlighted the dangers of condom use in Africa in the attempt to prevent AIDS and [...]

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An animated Christmas for young and old

There are many annual Christmas traditions that families and friends share and experience together. This can include caroling in the streets, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, sharing a few glasses of eggnog, and looking at the decorations in department store windows. A popular one in my household is watching classic Christmas animated TV specials. Some of them are still in regular [...]

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Dare we hope?

On Christmas morning, children in our homes—and in the homes of our grown children—will bound down stairs to wonder at the arrival of wrapped gifts. Straining at the limit of a joy which is almost pain, they will wait with infinite impatience to open them. And, with something as trivial as the latest electronic amusement or toy, these innocent recipients will experience [...]

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