Amnesty International reasserts pro-abortion position

On Sept. 28, Amnesty International, the international human rights group, announced it was updating its "sexual and reproductive rights" policy, essentially reaffirming its pro-abortion position. Amnesty International had previously supported abortion in certain circumstances, although it released papers and launched campaigns that supported broadening abortion in numerous countries and circumstances. It now calls for full decriminalization of abortion. Amnesty International is "calling [...]

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‘No international right to abortion’: coalition

On Oct. 22, a coalition of 32 countries led by the United States and representing 1.6 billion people issued a declaration that there is “no international right to abortion.” The declaration explains its purpose is to express, “the essential priority of protecting the right to life” and promoting “strength of the family and of a successful and flourishing society.” It also states [...]

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Trudeau government reintroduces bill expanding euthanasia

Disabilities group condemns C-7, EPC says safeguards are being eroded Justice Minister David Lametti introduced Bill C-7 on Oct. 5, bringing back the federal government’s legislation to broaden so-called Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD). Last September, a Quebec court threw out several provisions of the federal euthanasia and assisted-suicide law, most notably the requirement that death be “reasonably foreseeable” in order to [...]

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The politics of a Supreme Court appointment

Interim writer, Rory Leishman, National Affairs By Rory Leishman Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, has outstanding credentials as a lawyer, law professor, and federal judge. She is also solidly pro-life. But does it follow that pro-life Republicans in the United States Senate should rush through her ratification before [...]

2020-12-06T15:51:56-05:00October 31, 2020|Rory Leishman|

Amy Coney Barrett says Roe is not super-precedent

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court justice who was a darling of feminists and others on the Left, passed away in late September, it set up an opportunity for President Donald Trump to leave a long-term legacy by appointing a third justice to the country’s highest court. Earlier in the summer, Trump had released a list of potential Supreme Court appointments [...]

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The civil rights quagmire book review

By Paul Tuns The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties by Christopher Caldwell (Simon & Schuster, 2020, $37, 342 pages) Christopher Caldwell should not be anyone’s idea of a right-wing extremist. He is a columnist for the centrist Financial Times and has contributed to the right-of-center Wall Street Journal and increasing left-wing New York Times. His c.v. includes titled positions at [...]

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And then there was this – Oct 2020

Canada According to a survey by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies (conducted Sept. 11-13), 87 per cent of Liberal Party voters and 74 per cent of Conservative voters “support same-sex marriage.” In the United States, 77 per cent of Democrats and 46 per cent of Republicans do. In other words, Conservative voters are more like Democrats than they are Republicans, [...]

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Peterborough pro-life icon passes

Paul Morgan, a long-time pro-life activist in Peterborough, passed away on Sept. 2 at the age of 85. Jim Hughes, president emeritus of Campaign Life Coalition, told The Interim that he met Morgan more than 35 years ago, and that he was involved in everything the pro-life movement was active in. Morgan became a board member for CLC Ontario in the 1980s [...]

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Canadian university offers course normalizing abortion

Dalhousie University in Halifax is now offering a course to its health students in an effort to make abortion “normal” in healthcare practices and society. The course, “Interprofessional Care of Surgical and Medical Abortion Patients,” is officially a “mini-course,” consisting of four 90-minute sessions. The school’s course guide says, “This mini course will help provide students with information on the history of [...]

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Canada’s China-like Cultural Revolution?

By Rick McGinnis While our collective anxiety was being ramped up amidst stories of plague and rioting, 2020 reached deep into its awful cornucopia this summer with a reprise of cancel culture. That apparently ceaseless turkey shoot, insuring that anyone employed in politics, the arts, academia, journalism and science – so far agriculture, fisheries and forestry seem immune, but the year isn’t [...]

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Top Dog

By Joe Campbell My friend Fernsby has new neighbours, a dog and his people. Several months ago, they moved into the house next door to his. The people, a married couple without children, rise early and set off for separate jobs to earn money to support the dog. Some days the dog sleeps in. Other days he lounges around the back yard, [...]

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The Holy Spectre haunting the movement

By Josie Luetke Shortly after I became involved in the pro-life movement, I became cognizant of the push by mostly younger members to secularize its branding, even though we were all Christian. Green as I was and enamored with the clarity of the science of when life begins and the simplicity of the philosophical arguments against abortion, I was sympathetic. Pro-life could [...]

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Gender-identity wars

By Rory Leishman For the past three years, every federal and provincial jurisdiction in Canada has prohibited discrimination on the basis of gender identity, yet none of our legislators, lawyers and judges can have any clear idea about precisely what this wide-ranging legislation entails. In an attempt to clear up the confusion, the Ontario Human Rights Commission has issued a policy statement [...]

2020-12-06T16:02:37-05:00October 17, 2020|Rory Leishman, Transgender|

Will the truth set us free?

The lockdowns have now become a permanent violation of our Charter Rights and Freedom to move, travel, assemble, associate, and worship. Governments are showing no intentions of removing restrictions, even as COVID-19 deaths slow to a trickle, and are now proven to be a small fraction of the dire predictions made by politicians in March. Masks have become mandatory for children to attend [...]

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G.K Chesterton said, “When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?” As always, there is much wisdom in Chesterton’s words which help remind us to appreciate that we are fortunate to be God’s hands and feet on Earth in the work [...]

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