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DISCRIMINATION CONTINUES: Tories deny pro-family funding

            On January 15, 1987 Secretary of State David Crombie (PC, Toronto Rosedale) refused REAL Women a sustaining grant for operations of an office and office staff. The Tories have spent millions ($11 million in the past year alone) on annual subsidies to women’s groups, many controlled by pro-abortionist and pro-lesbian feminists. But they cannot find money [...]

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Movie review: the mission

      If you have to crawl – or be carried – go and see The Mission a spectacular – thrilling – action-packed film with a spiritual message. Wrongly called an ‘epic film’ – shades of John Wayne – it’s a magnificent story of bravery and dedication – (and almost completely beyond the intelligence of some of our local critics who [...]

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Facts on homosexuality

        Some people, usually non-homosexuals who believe they must reproach their fellow men for opposing homosexuality often speak of “loving relationships” among homosexuals. In the book Homosexualities published through the Kinsey Institute, sexologists Bell and Weinberg provide documentation for the following:   Promiscuity and multiple partners among homosexuals: Less than 25 different partners: less than nine percent Between 100 [...]

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Parents versus the State

        It was truly ironic. During the Christmas season we celebrate the birth of a special Child, and many of us are blessed by having time to spend with family and friends. Just then, the nation’s newspapers covered the fight of the Alberta couple to save the life of their grandchild. As we all know, they lost that battle [...]

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Medical ethics group formed

    Washington:  pro-life physicians in the United States have formed a new organization. The American Academy of Medical Ethics (AAME). This new group will not infringe upon or take over the function of any existing group. However, doctors have felt increasingly that there is a real need for a strong pro-life medical voice on Capitol Hill and before the press. As [...]

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Pro-life profiles – Dr. Gus Mitges, MP (Grey-Simcoe)

    (This is the first in a series of short profiles on Federal Members of Parliament who have demonstrated a commitment to pro-life ideals.)   A veterinarian and veterinary surgeon, Gus Mitges was born in Greece and came to Canada at an early age. He grew up in Guelph, Ontario, where he completed his education at the University of Guelph.   [...]

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Royal Bank won’t end abortion involvement

        Two shareholders of the Royal Bank of Canada have been pressing the Bank to cease funding Toronto abortionist Robert Scott. The Toronto area shareholders, Cy Fleming, a travel agent, and Patrick Redmond, a computer expert, submitted a resolution for consideration by the annual shareholders meetings, held January 7 in Montreal. The resolution called for the Bank to immediately [...]

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International news

  News agency   Brussels. Spanish journalist Andre’s Garrigo has proposed a pro-life news agency for Europe called Euro Life News. Its purpose: to distribute current and reliable information about human life and health.   Garrigo explained the need for such an agency to an International Seminar on abortion, euthanasia and genetic manipulation in Brussels, organized by the Dutch “Cry for Life” [...]

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Book review: excavating The Desolate City

        It’s as plain as pie that, were the Catholic Church doing its job, we would not have abortion. Nor would the family be as it is, under attack. At least, attacks there may indeed be, and a terrible toll of casualties that increases as you move away from the Church, but very few among those inside the Church. [...]

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The importance of prayer

        “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in Your Philosophy.”  Hamlet.   A month or so ago I received a phone call from a 92-year-old lady. She said, “Father, why can’t you get people to pray more that abortions will stop?”  I made what Agatha Christie would term “appropriate noises” on the [...]

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Mother Teresa

    Calcutta:  Replying to those who advocate the killing of the unborn and the handicapped because the world is overpopulated, Mother Teresa asked, “Are those who think so willing to be the first to go?”

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Pope opposes abortion

    Perth, Australia:  Pope John Paul II, at the close of his November 1986 Australian visit, once more condemned abortion as an “unspeakable crime.”  He also reiterated the Catholic Church’s opposition to contraception and sterilization.   He sounded a similar note in his talk to government leaders, telling them that one basis for civilization is ‘reverence for human life from the [...]

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Catholic journal endorses abortion

    The November issue of Vie Ouvrière, a monthly Quebec periodical published by the Quebec province of an international Catholic religious order, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, carries an editorial approving of abortion.   The editorial is part of a “dossier” on abortion, with a “pro” and “con” set of articles. The dossier is entitled “Abortion: beyond good and bad.”  The [...]

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Options for abortion policy reform

      The Law Reform Commission of Canada has issued a recently-completed paper on “Options for Abortion Policy Reform.”  This study is the first step in a programme which will also include issues such as embryo experimentation, infanticide, genetic screening and in-vitro fertilization. It is expected that, by the winter of 1987, the Commission will issue “a report containing specific law [...]

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