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You were asking?

Is it true that the American Medical Association (AMA) has approved the removal of vital organs, e.g. the heart, from newborn anencephalic babies who are still alive? The AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs has certainly recommended this action. Any organ transplant, but especially that of an unpaired organ such as the heart, demands very strict medical-legal rules. In the USA, [...]

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Second Chance seeking greater outreach

A Pro-Life Day all across Canada, preferably on a Sunday, will make people more aware of the pro-life cause, says Father Vincent Heffernan, founder of Second Chance which is counseling women who have had an abortion. “I would like to see in archdiocese and all across Canada a Pro-Life Day on a Sunday. All the homilies will be about pro-life, chastity, abortion, [...]

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Laity make a difference in pro-life work

Lay people can make the pro-life movement stronger and more effective, active pro-lifers said. Father Stephen Somerville, Father Vincent Hefferman, Louis Di Rocco, and Campaign Life Coalition National President Jim Hughes expressed their views on how lay people can strengthen the movement, how they got started in the movement, the gains achieved or the weak spots, and their plans for the future. [...]

2010-08-25T11:00:10-06:00October 25, 1996|Activism, Pro-Life, Religion|

Toronto Right to Life Assoc. set to mark 25th anniversary

It is gratifying for the Toronto Right to Life Association to note the generally favorable reception speakers receive at schools throughout southern Ontario. For an organization whose main thrust is educating the community about respect for live issues, a receptive younger audience is of prime importance. “Many of the students we speak to are open to the pro-life message,” said Toronto Right [...]

2010-08-25T10:50:04-06:00October 25, 1996|Activism, Events, Pro-life Groups|

A visit home and a sobering lesson

I spent three weeks in Ireland in August and September.  When people ask me “How was your trip?  I have to give a double answer.  Personally it was very enjoyable, seeing my sisters and various cousins and nephews and nieces.  But when they ask me, “How are things in Ireland.”  I have to make some distinctions.  I gathered that, economically, things are [...]

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Courage group provides spiritual home for those with homosexual orientation

“Probably one of the most difficult things, is believing in the Church and her teachings.  Christ’s teaching, and at the same times having feelings or tendencies toward homosexuality.  You feel like you are the only one, alone.” That’s the way a friend we’ll call Tim described his plight in carrying the cross of homosexual orientation, while striving to live life within the [...]

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Abortionist rejected in PEI

CHARLOTTETOWN - a PEI court ruling has upheld the province’s policy of paying only for hospital abortions deemed medically necessary. The ruling came September 17 after a court action launched by abortionist Henry Morgentaler who is attempting to establish another of his free-standing abortion clinics on the island. No hospitals on PEI perform abortions and island women seeking the procedure must travel [...]

2010-08-25T10:46:10-06:00October 25, 1996|Abortion Law, Morgentaler|

Doctors slam Clinton veto

A group of U.S. physicians has joined Catholic and Evangelical Protestant churches in condemning President Bill Clinton’s veto of a Congressional bad on the partial-birth abortion procedure. A group called Physicians’ Ad Hoc Coalition for Truth (PHACT) began a print and TV advertising campaign in mid-September to educate Congress and the public about partial-birth abortion. In the meantime, the U.S. House of [...]

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Compelling story of doctor’s conversion

The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D. Rege\nery, 206 pages $33.95 Reviewed by Sue Careless The Interim What kind of man aborts his own child, a child his partner begged him to keep?  What kind of man overturns virtually all American laws restricting abortion and oversees 60,000 abortions?  [...]

2010-08-25T10:41:49-06:00October 25, 1996|Abortion, Book Review, Profiles|

Families key to CCI development work

The efforts to sanctify and promote human life can take any number of forms. While any think of “pro-life” as the struggle to change hearts, minds and legislation in favour of unborn children, the term has implications outside the political arena. Christian Child Care International organization is comfortable being “pro-life.” Although the group does not work directly to counter abortion and euthanasia [...]

2010-08-25T10:39:51-06:00October 25, 1996|Marriage and Family, Pro-life Groups|

Chastity is still best defence against host of medical woes

A study published August 7, 1996 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that, in effect, a husband can take cancer home to his wife. The number of deaths from cancer of the cervix is 500,000 a year, world wide and the incidence of this caner is 40 per 100,000 women world-wide. (Human papilloma virus infection – HPV virus – [...]

Doctor rejects ‘bottom line’ values

As Ontario doctors grapple with the consequences of wrongful birth lawsuits, malpractice insurance premiums and the impact of abortion on the entire medical profession, at least on practitioner retains a reasoned, pro-family perspective. Dr. Andrew Simone, dermatologist, athlete and humanitarian, believes most doctors today have taken up the abortion issue for the wrong reasons. Doctors are feeling defensive; he says “they resent [...]

2010-08-25T10:24:09-06:00October 25, 1996|Abortion, Pro-Life, Society & Culture|

‘Wrongful birth’ brings chill to Ontario’s MDs

The frightening story is becoming all too familiar. As the expected arrival of their little one approaches, new parents are increasingly anxious and frustrated at they search frantically and yet in vain to find obstetricians to deliver their babies. During July and August alone over 825 women called Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons to say they are unable to find doctors [...]

2010-08-25T10:19:27-06:00October 25, 1996|Marriage and Family, Motherhood, Society & Culture|

Walls: propaganda of the first order

If propaganda films are long on emotional appeal and short on truth and balance, then Cher’s If These Walls Could Talk is right on the money. Produced by and starring Demi Moore, the film had a lot of people talking at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. It will be an important film because of the subject material and the way it [...]

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Cautions in supporting UNICEF appeal

Before the little monsters, goblins and witches come knocking on your door bellowing trick or treat; a little word of warning. Besides opening their sacks for treats, some of the hopeful creatures may request a donation to UNICEF. After the evening’s activity, the monsters and other hideous creatures remove their masks revealing innocent little children, excited with the fun they had and [...]

2010-08-25T09:50:08-06:00October 25, 1996|Abortion, Motherhood, Post-abortion and Health Care|
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