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Acquittal a boost for pro-life demonstration

NEW YORK; A federal judge has acquitted two pro-life protesters who were charged with blocking access to a Westchester County abortuary. Citing the protesters “conscience-driven religious beliefs,” Us. District Court Judge John Spizzo said the pair were not guilty of any crimes.  The protesters, retired Catholic Auxilliary Bishop George Lynch and a Franciscan Brother Christopher Moscinki, could have been found guilty of [...]

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Liberal leader walks a different path

When I first read that Dalton McGuinty Junior, the son of the late Dalton McGuinty Senior, had been elected  leader of the Liberal party and saw his smiling face in the paper, I felt optimistic about the future of the Liberal Party’s position on abortion.  However, my enthusiasm was short-lived.  On CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, the day after his election, Dalton made [...]

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Great voice for pro-life effort goes silent

I often think of him with his cigarettes, stand there pondering things philosophically, but he was always in the action. He was a man after God’s heart.”  So does rescuer Linda Gibbons describe her former colleague William de Marois, who died Dec. 22, 1996 of complication from lung cancer at St. Michael’s Hospital Toronto.  He was 71. Born William Robert Fournier of [...]

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Pro-Life word on Campus

More than 30 students from Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland came together in Toronto recently for a pro-life symposium weekend. Students’ primary focus was activating pro-life groups on university campuses across the country. Members of Western Life and Kings College Life (University of Western Ontario), two of the limited number of university pro-life groups, provided information on bringing the pro-life word to [...]

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Across Canada

Membership key to Nfld. RTL ST.JOHN’S, Nfld. – The new head of Newfoundland Right to Life lists increased membership as a top priority for 1997.  Lorraine Cole recently took over as head of the provincial pro-life organization from Philomena Rogers.  She plans to liaise with a number of church and community groups in an effort to build a stronger base for Newfoundland [...]

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Mother’s ultimate sacrifice for a daughter

The short newspaper notice announcing the death of Cathy Holt of Maple Ridge on December 9 gave no clue as to the cause of her death.  It was cancer.  But that tells only part of the story.  It might also be said that Mrs. Holt, just 32 gave her life so he second child, Julianna, could live. It was exactly six years [...]

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Supporting teens in tough times

Review by Sue Careless A Community Affair: Solving the problem of teen pregnancy and disease by Marilyn Bergeron.  Wireless Publishing 135 pages, softcover Available for $13 Canadian, 10 U.S. plus $3.00 shipping and handling from CAC, 7 Albert St. Cornwall, ON K6H 4E7, l996 Marilyn Bergeron is an empowerer.  She enables young people to master the art of sexual self-control.  For the [...]

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Population control evidence mounting

Gilles Grondin, president of the Campaign-Quebec Vie, delivered the message on Culture of Life and Culture of Death before to top level French pro-lifers at an Alliance of the Holy Family International meeting in Paris Radio Lourdes Pyrenees also interviewed Mr. Grondin in Lourdes and broadcast his message on the importance of protecting life at all stages. Other speakers at the pro-life [...]

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Brind defends research into abortion/cancer link

BOSTON-United Press International reported in late January that noted researcher Dr. Joel Brind of New York has blasted a study of 1.5 million women in Denmark which found no link between abortion and later development of breast cancer. Dr. Brind of Baruch University, who won research found a 30 per cent increase risk of breast cancer among women who had abortion, described [...]

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Seeking end to ‘comfort-zone’ Christianity

At a stage in life when many people might start looking to wind down, one of the pro-life movement’s more colourful figures is still going strong. Ken Campbell, the 62-year-old Milton, Ontario evangelist and founder of Choose Life Canada, is engrossed in a whirlwind of activity these days –standing in the midst of controversies over the federal government’s pro-homosexual rights legislation, Linda [...]

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Planned Parenthood’s Barrie Experience

The Barrie Examiner, on October 17, 1996, proclaimed, Planned Parenthood coming to Barrie.  Kelly Redmond, a Planned Parenthood volunteer, was quoted in the article saying that PP will be instrumental in increasing accessibility to services not now available in Barrie.  Redmond left no doubt that one of these services is abortion. Another spokesperson for the new group, Bette Vanderwater, is a researcher [...]

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Print ad indicates PP’s real attitude

WASHINTON –The president of Life Decisions International (LDI), a Planned Parenthood watchdog group, has criticized a December advertisement by PP’s Minnesota/ South Dakota affiliate, which denigrates giving birth. Douglas Scott, president of LDI, said the Planned Parenthood ad “says it all with regard to the organization’s attitude toward childbirth.” The ad reads as follows: “Babies are loud, smelly, and expensive. Unless you [...]

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At the forefront of population control

The influence of the International Planned Parenthood Federation makes it a subject of debate in a wide range of publications. The most recent issue of Catholic World Report (January, 1997) for example, features the say, The War on Population, Continued by noted economist and Professor Jacqueline Kasun. Kasun’s central argument is compelling, not only for its references to Planned Parenthood, but for [...]

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Parents reject organization in Ontario, British Columbia

Recently two school boards in opposite ends of Canada, B.C. and Ontario, voted to remove Planned Parenthood sex education programs from their schools. Why? What is it about this organization and its programs that create such controversy? If we ignore their statement on being “pro-choice”, Planned Parenthood seems benign enough. It appears to be an open-minded, tolerant group, respectful of the opinions [...]

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Authors shed light on PP mystique

George Grant, Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, 2nd edition (Franklin, Tennessee: Adroit Press, 1992), 314pp. and Douglas Scott, Bad Choices: A Look Inside Planned Parenthood (Franklin, Tennessee: Legacy Communications, 1992), 294pp. Reviews by David Curtin In Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, George Grant urges that Planned Parenthood was founded on a mixture of ideologies-including racism and sexual libertinism-and [...]

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