Abortion’s impact widespread

Campaign Life Coalition official shave reiterated the need for social policies which emphasize childbirth and strengthen the family unit as a prelude to safeguarding the rights of the unborn in Canada. The call comes in light of a study published in the U.S. Family Planning Perspectives showing a rising abortion rate in Canada. The study, using data collected by Statistics Canada, indicates [...]

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Dissenting views

While an incumbent MP would naturally encourage pro-life voters to support his or her party in the upcoming federal election some pro-life Liberal Members cannot in conscience support their own party. When it comes to life and family issues selected Liberal backbenchers oppose the anti-family stand taken by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and the Liberal cabinet. This can prove problematic for pro-life [...]

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Aid to women head nominated for award

Campaign Life Coalition has nominated Aid to Women executive director Joanne Dieleman for the Governor General’s award in commemoration or the Persons Case. The award was instituted in 1979 to salute individuals who have promoted the equality and advancement of women in Canada. The award recalls the 1929 judicial decision, which granted women constitutional status as “persons.” A native of Schiedam, The [...]

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Silent Scream film silenced

PARIS – Four prominent French pro-lifers are staging a hunger strike to protest the decision by the country’s television networks to ban the film The Silent Scream (Le Cri Silencieux), from prime time broadcast. The film, a graphic, ultrasound depiction of an abortion in progress, is narrated by former abortionist turned pro-lifer, Dr. Bernard Nathason. It is effective for showing abortion’s brutality.

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Gibbons case invites interesting parallel

I am sure that every reader of The Interim knows who Linda Gibbons is and some of the details of her recent history. Briefly it is this; Linda Gibbons, a grandmother of four, is a political prisoner of the Ontario government. She has been in jail for almost three years and on April 28th, she was condemned to another six months behind [...]

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STOPP takes a stand

LaGRANGEVILL, NY – Reacting to the announcement that the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is endorsing the Baby Think It Over infant simulator, STOPP International has issued a statement opposing the target of the campaign and the use of this device. Jim Sedlak, president of STOPP International, said, “there is no secret what causes unwed teen pregnancy – premarital teen sex. [...]

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Pro-family group seeks equal TV time

OTTAWA – REAL Women has sent a letter to Vince Carlin head of Newsworld Network, requesting the opportunity to participate with the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) in the one-hour debate on women’s issues which was scheduled for broadcast May 26, 1997. Alternatively, REAL Women of Canada has requested the opportunity to participate in a separate broadcast on [...]

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Tireless advocate for adoptive parents

Interim Staff A veteran adoption counsellor says couples looking to adopt should follow up all possible leads in bringing a new son or daughter to their homes. Margaret Kelly of Barrie, Ontario is the former director of the M.M. Kelly Counselling and Adoption Agency. Although she passed the agency on to colleague Marie McCallum two years ago, Margaret maintains a close watch [...]

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Human cloning a frightening scenario

“Let s make man in our image, after our likeness,” said Almighty God in Chapter 17 Genesis. Now, “Clone-Aid” – a Caribbean company, advertising human clones (at a cost of $200,000 each) on the Internet is proposing that man can make man in his own image and for his own purposes. Less than two weeks after Scottish scientists announced they had successfully [...]

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Abortion claims another victim

ST. LOUIS – An autopsy was performed April 26 on a woman who died shortly after having an abortion at a clinic here. The 22-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, underwent a first-trimester abortion April 25 at Reproductive Health Services in St. Louis. The procedure was completed about 2 p.m. But staff noticed that the woman’s vital signs were not [...]

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Know thine enemy

Anti-Racist Action (ARA). Arm the Spirit. David Lethbrigde. Allan Dutton. Now these are names of groups and individuals most of you have never heard of. But you should. In fact, some of them spend a lot of time talking about you. That’s right. You. You may not know it, but Canada has a thriving healthy anti-racist industry. One that attracts tens of [...]

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Winning’s act still makes impact

Interim Special Cardinal Thomas Winning, leader of Scotland’s 750,000 Roman Catholics, has received overwhelming offers of cash to bolster his initiative – disclosed in mid-March – to stem abortion. Unsolicited donations have poured in to the Archdiocese of Glasgow at the rate of up to $2,000 a day - from a pensioner’s offer of $5 a week to a City stockbroker’s pledge [...]

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Partial birth abortion fallout

Campaign to target U.S. Senators WASHINGTON – A pro-life group planned to run television ads in Georgia May 10-11 asking supporters of a proposed ban on so-called “partial- birth” abortions to urge Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., to vote for the ban. The Senate is expected to vote May 12-16 on legislation that would ban the controversial procedure, in which the unborn is [...]

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Finding funds for special interests

Several times during the five-minute drive home from school, my 11-yea-old reminded me that I still hadn’t paid up the five bucks I owed her. Finally, at a long red light, I searched my wallet for the measly sum, but it was nowhere to be found. As the light turned green and my daughter turned red with exasperation, I realized once again, [...]

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