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Embracing the notion of Pilgrimage

By Catherine Fournier The Interim Pilgrimage is not a North American word. It's not a concept that fits the history of the continent. North Americans understand emigration - getting there.. We came over the oceans by ship or plane, moved through the plains by wagon, train and car, scaled the mountains, all in search of a better future. The destination was the point [...]

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The NDP’s secret meetings with the abortion industry

As I sit before my computer, my files are thick with news clippings dealing with the media response to the stabbing of abortionist Garson Romalis. It was newsworthy, to be sure, and I was happy to see the same purveyors of information provide accurate info on the reward that Campaign Life Coalition offered. Now, in the middle of all this, is the [...]

2010-07-27T11:43:30-06:00August 27, 2000|Abortion, Pro-Life|

Tories at the trough

If I wasn't suspicious by nature, I'd say that elections were decided by Joe Public getting out and voting. Everybody's vote is equal - right? Wrong. It's who's got the extra clout. In five years, according to Robert MacDermid, a political science professor at York University in Toronto, who tracks such things, the Ontario Tories have received a staggering $50 million from [...]

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Children’s Aid is out of control

Most people would be a tad upset if the government took one of their children away. Try to imagine how you would feel if they took away nine of your children - the nine youngest of 13! That is what happened to friends of mine in Ottawa. The incident resulted from a report given to the Ottawa-Carleton branch of Ontario's Children's Aid [...]

2010-08-27T13:36:48-06:00August 27, 2000|Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|

Morality, not gun control, is needed

In the wake of recent domestic violence murders the call to introduce stricter gun control in Canada has been even louder and more strident than usual. I understand the anxiety but I cannot share the logic. Let me say immediately that I hate guns. They terrify me. I have never owned one and I have never really understood why so many Christians [...]

2010-07-27T11:31:55-06:00August 27, 2000|Columnist, Michael Coren, Society & Culture|

International Digest

IRELAND Youth Defence victory DUBLIN - Youth Defence, one of the Republic of Ireland's leading pro-life groups, scored a partial victory in July with the overturning of convictions against six of its members. The six were charged with obstructing police and disturbing public order for their role in a May, 1998 picket outside a Dublin hospital that offers abortion counselling. The six [...]

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U.S. Digest

UNITED STATES Unborn stay of execution WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives approved a new bill July 25 that would prohibit the state from imposing the death penalty on pregnant women convicted of capital offenses. The bill prevents the executing of a woman "who carries a child in utero." Presumably, the bill allows the death penalty to be imposed once the [...]

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Across Canada

IN BRIEF CANADA Day would overrule court TORONTO - In a recent interview with a homosexual magazine, Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day said he would invoke the constitution's "notwithstanding clause" to block any court rulings that would sanction gay marriage. In an interview in Toronto's fab magazine, Day said he would use the notwithstanding clause after wide debate and a free vote [...]

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What makes Linda tick

Alone: A Grandmother's Struggle for Life, by Gord Truscott, with foreword by Fr. Ted Colleton. Softcover, 109 pages, $10. Available from Campaign Life Coalition Canada 104 Bond St. Toronto ON M5B 1X9 tel. (416) 204-9749 fax (416) 204-1027. Review by Cathrina Keet The Interim My dream in life is to make a difference. With love, strength and determination, Linda Gibbons has made [...]

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Canadians aren’t as liberal as the media tell us we are

Espousing radically conservative views on abortion, capital punishment and same-sex unions in a largely liberal country is not the route to 24 Sussex Drive," wrote Robert Lewis, editor of Maclean's magazine recently. Mr. Lewis was responding to protests that the magazine's July 10 cover headline "How scary?" beside a photo of newly-elected Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day, was a bit over the top. [...]

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Interim readers reach out to mother and child

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Readers of The Interim have donated more than $900 to a Toronto woman who recently gave birth to a baby girl, after resisting pressure from her former boyfriend to abort the child. Maria (not her real name), whose story was featured in the April, 2000 edition of The Interim, gave birth to six-pound, 10-ounce baby daughter, Jenna Maria, June [...]

Learning to walk in the strength of God

By Linda Wegner The Interim Lance Campbell was forty-seven when his body began to fail. "I couldn't run," said the resident of Prince Albert, Sask., "and when I fell, I was unable to balance my fall - I just flopped." Today, Lance is confined to a wheelchair with Lou Gerhrig's disease. Three months ago that same disease claimed his wife of less [...]

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Kissling’s desperate attempt at spin

Will anti-Catholic group finally die after humiliating defeat in Congress? By Donald DeMarco The Interim It is a monumental challenge to put the right spin on losing by a score of 416-1 to create the impression that your opponent's victory was something less than deserving or decisive. Undaunted by monumental challenges, a group that calls itself Catholics for a Free Choice reacted [...]

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U.S. House passes Infant Protection Act

By Paul Tuns The Interim The United States House of Representatives is considering a law that would protect newly born infants, including those who survive abortions. The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act would guarantee that babies who survived abortion attempts have the same legal rights as other newborns and that they could not be killed with impunity. According to the Act, a child [...]

2010-08-27T13:41:29-06:00August 27, 2000|Abortion Law, Pro-life Groups|

Spanking law upheld

But judge tells Parliament to clarify limits By Paul Tuns The Interim The Ontario Superior Court upheld section 43 of the Criminal Code July 5, which allows a parent, schoolteacher or a guardian to spank a child for the purpose of discipline. But while finding section 43 to be no violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Justice David McCombs nonetheless [...]

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