Women distressed at CWL silence on abortion issue

             Some of the Catholic women who attended the “Prelude to Nairobi” conference recently (see article by Nancy Pearcey elsewhere in The Interim) are highly critical of the way in which conference organizers, some of whom are Catholic, handled the abortion issue.             Guest speaker, Elizabeth Parker (head of the prevention program at Toronto’s Department of Health and a board [...]

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Board member sues hospital over abortion

                 Two board members of a British Columbia hospital are trying to restrict the use of the word ”health” in the Criminal Code, so as to reduce the number of abortions performed in that hospital.             The Lions Gate Hospital has one of the highest abortion rates in Canada. One abortion is performed for every two live births. This rate [...]

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British Columbia

  In his own words   Jim Demers is charged with theft, damage to public property and possession of stolen property following an incident at Kootenay Lake District Hospital in January. At a preliminary hearing held in May, it was ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed to trial. A jury trial is scheduled for the week of September 24.                      [...]

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Celebrate Life

              Pro-life groups in Saskatchewan will be part of the “Celebrate Life” festivals in Saskatoon and Regina this July.             Pro-life groups in Saskatchewan have been planning this project since April. Over 400 pro-lifers came to a Pep-Rally Banquet in Saskatoon on April 19, when local pro-life groups are presented a colourful stage display.             These groups are planning a six-day [...]

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Saskatchewan: Nurses influence decision

    Saskatoon’s University Hospital has cut back considerably on abortions. Dr. Charles Simpson of the University hospital spoke at a March forum on abortion at Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute, Outlook, Saskatchewan. After telling the group he performed abortions, he was asked why the hospital had stopped doing second trimester abortions. He responded as follows:   “It was a decision of the [...]

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Alberta teen aid

       A new group has been formed in Southern Alberta to stop teenage pregnancy and V.D. by encouraging chastity for teens.             Teen-Aid has been organized by the Lethbridge and District Pro-Life Association as Alberta’s official affiliate for Teen-Aid Inc.   Teen-Aid believes that promoting chastity among young people will lead to a higher self-esteem and stronger family ties in [...]

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Alberta: Calgary’s surrogate mother service

        An increasing demand for children available for adoption has led a Calgary-area man, David Fielding, to set up a private adoption and surrogate motherhood agency. In a few weeks, he has already signed up 65 childless couples, at an annual registration fee of $5 and six women have come forward as surrogate mothers.             Mr. Fielding emphasizes that [...]

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  X-rated scenes found in pro-life film   Police in Manitoba and Ontario have still not discovered how X-rated sex scenes were copied on to 14 Beta-format videotapes of Bernard Nathanson’s film The Silent Scream, ordered and distributed by Canadian pro-life activist Joe Borowski.   According to Mr. Borowski, the pornographic scenes were discovered by one of his helpers after most of [...]

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Ottawa radio stations refuse advertising

      Pro-lifers are by now well aware of media bias in reporting abortion-related stories, but two Ottawa radio stations have carried this bias a step further. Other CFGO and CHEZ radio stations refused to accept $1,000 advertising contracts from Action Life to run pro-life radio ads. The ads, used by Action Life in previous years, outline the details of fetal [...]

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Respect for life “divisive” says mayor

      Once again the Mayor of Ottawa has refused to proclaim Respect for Life Week, but this year’s refusal conveyed an interesting attitude towards the phrase   “Respect for life”, in her letter to Action Life, Ottawa’s pro-life group, Mayor Marion Dewar wrote, “… our policy precludes proclamations that would serve to divide the community. Regrettably the very phrase “respect [...]

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Ontario: Lynda Hurst and abortion

    Lynda Hurt’s May 7 column in the Toronto Star attacked the Catholic Church’s rejection of abortion (see my June article “Advocacy journalism”). She interviewed Marjorie Maguire, a dissenting Catholic with a PhD in religious studies, presenting her as a “devout and practicing Catholic, ” indeed, as a “Catholic theologian.”   On May 21, in another column, she used the authority [...]

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Abortion and contraception

  Today, almost all who actively struggle with the issue of abortion, whether for or against, realize the inescapable link between abortion and contraception.   Last month, Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, printed a full-page article entitled “Abortion and the pill,” subtitled “When women got control over conception, why did the abortion rate increase?” The article, extracted from a recent [...]

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The Editorial: Let us fight back

    Anti-family, anti-child pressures contrary to the good of our society and contrary to Christian and other religious convictions are mounting steadily.   In big cities low-income seniors, families and single parents are pushed out of affordable housing, especially in city centres, as older, low-rise buildings are demolished and converted into luxury apartments. Another trend favours “adult only” buildings, once again [...]

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“By far the best pro-life song I’ve heard”– Dr. Bernard Nathanson

      This year’s U.S National Right To Life Convention, held in Washington, D.C, saw Dr. Bernard Nathanson honour a young married couple from Toronto for composing what he called “by far the best pro-life song I’ve heard in my years as a pro-life advocate.” The song in question, entitled “Where the Miracle Takes Place” was performed live at the Convention [...]

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Catching up

            The Ontario Hospital Appeal Board over-ruled the decisive by Woodstock General Hospital to bar abortionist Leslie Smoling, colleague of Morgentaler. The ruling claimed that the hospital showed no evidence the hospital’s image would be tarnished. Smoling fled Canada in 1968 to escape abortion charges (dropped in 1977). He practiced medicine while in Australia from 1968 to 1982 when he returned to [...]

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