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News flash: The Queen is not an animal: Dr. Jerome Lejeune explains this and other topics in lively new video

Gallic wit and charm abound in this remarkable 24-minute video which touches on so many facets of the pro-life movement.  In A Visit With Dr. Jerome Lejeune, famed French geneticist Dr. Jerome Lejeune is at his incisive best as he charitably and amusingly demolishes anti-life myths. Lejeune recently brought his message of hope and humour to this side of the Atlantic.  His [...]

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Motherhood: Is it a right?

Just a day before last New Year’s Eve, the editorialists at the Globe and Mail announced that the birth of twins to a 59-year-old British woman on Christmas Day “triggered ethical alarm bells around the world.”  (Although nobody commented on the birth date, I would be willing to bet that it was a deliberately timed, induced delivery.)  I think the writers had [...]

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Scarier than Big Brother “Most people sell their souls, and live with a good conscience on the proceeds.”

Sifting through reams of research, including various articles on Freemasonry and the New World Order, among other things, it was time to close the file and begin again.  Somehow it seems impossible to escape these two subjects.  Something keeps drawing me back.  Perhaps it is a morbid curiosity or some illusionary power that somehow might be instrumental in making a difference in [...]

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Pregnancy complications

When restrictions against abortion began to fall about twenty-five years ago, few people took seriously the doomsayers who warned against the slippery slope.  If we are to criticize them today, however, it is only to say that their imaginations were not wild enough. While musing on two recent stories of modern Doctor Frankensteins, I envisioned a scenario where a young woman became [...]

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Ordeal ends in spiritual rebirth: Den of Lions – Memoirs of Seven Years

Terry Anderson  (New York, Crown Publishers, pp320, $29.95) How long could you stay sane locked in leg irons, blindfolded, housed on little more than a mattress, fearing torture and death at the whim of your captors, uncertain whether the person you love the most will be waiting for you should you survive?  One year?  Two?  Three at the most? On March 16, [...]

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CLINICALLY INSANE: Despite cutting back on health services and forcing unions across the province to accept a new social contract, the Ontario NDP government spends untold millions on four Toronto abortion clinics each year.

The schizophrenia in the Ontario health-care system has never been more apparent than now with revelations that the abortion clinics are receiving millions of dollars annually while the province is making drastic cuts in its overall health budget, jeopardizing the quality of services available to seriously ill people. What it takes from some groups, the NDP government gives to others; it all [...]

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Drawing a line in the sand: Commission member Suzanne Scorsone reflects on her work and the Report on New Reproductive Technologies

“When people die, my name doesn’t go on it.”  This is how Suzanne Scorsone, a member of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, sums up how she decided which of its recommendations to disagree with.  The Commission submitted its final report to the federal government last November. Just before Christmas, Dr. Scorsone spoke to the Interim about her work on the [...]

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Family Matters

As 1994 is “The Year of the Family” I have been reading a lot about the subject and I thought it might be a good idea to share my research. People often ask, “What does a priest know about a family anyhow?  He doesn’t have one.”  Well, I don’t profess to be an expert, but I was not dropped straight from Heaven.  [...]

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U.S. ruling distorts intent of law Pro-lifers to be charged under obscure anti-mafia legislation

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that a law which was originally designed to protect legitimate businesses from organized crime, can now be used by abortion centres against pro-life demonstrators. In a January 24 unanimous decision, the Court ruled that the Racketeer-influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO, could be applied to groups such as Randall Terry’s Operation Rescue and Joe Scheidler’s [...]

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You were asking?

They say that testing will be able to foretell a person’s future pattern of illness.  Maybe there are benefits, but what are the dangers to society?  M.Y., Toronto I can foresee books written in answer to this question.  In brief, I suppose, it will depend on who gets the information. Some genetic disorders are more prevalent in identifiable populations, ethnic groups from [...]

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False expert deceives court

The promoters of abortion are currently engaged in some wild contortions in logic in their campaign to portray pro-lifers as violent.  What occasions these efforts is the Ontario government’s attempt to get an injunction barring all pro-life protests at 23 locations across the province, including clinics and hospitals. Among the evidence presented to the court in support of this ban is a [...]

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Notable Quotes

BAD POLITICS “If you get consumed in political trendiness, you get blown around by every wind of public opinion.” Ex-Social Credit member Ron Gray explaining the demise of the B.C. Socreds and why he joined the Family Coalition Party.  (Western Report.  Dec. 20,1993) PC ATTACK “The last government to so flagrantly spy on its political opponents was fronted by Richard Nixon.  These [...]

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Too many questions, very few answers

Lawyers defending the 18 pro-lifers against the persecution of the Ontario Attorney General have mounted a spirited defence of the rights or their clients – and all Ontarians – to the very basics of free speech and assembly.  Now it’s up to the judge to decide whether to grant the government its extraordinary request for an injunction banning pro-life activity at 23 [...]

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Boyd evades issue

Ontario’s Attorney General Marion Boyd says that standing peacefully holding a sign which says “Stop Abortion” could be considered “insulting, abusive or defamatory.” She has applied for an injunction which would make it illegal to hold signs or peacefully counsel women outside 23 sites across Ontario. Boyd faced intense questioning about her motives in seeking the injunction barring pro-life picketing across the [...]

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