Meghan Markle’s Archetypes vaunts singlehood over marriage

Angelica Vecchiato: American-born British royal Meghan Markle’s new podcast Archetypes has been living up to its edgy name, comprehensively challenging the status quo and fighting pervasive feminine gender norms, all the while rippling sound-byte waves across the vast ocean of mainstream media. Relatively popular, Archetypes remained number one on the Spotify charts for two weeks after its release date, displacing the controversial [...]

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And then there was this, September 2022

In defense of fatherhood The Florida legislature, at the urging of Governor Ron DeSantis, passed the Responsible Fatherhood law to help men become better fathers. Studies prove that children do best in a two-parent home where fathers are involved in their children’s lives and where children are statistically less likely to be abused or neglected and have fewer behavioral and psychological problems. [...]

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A reasonable person

Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey They say you should never read the comments, but we all do anyway.  I was interviewed on CBC’s Power and Politics on the overturning of Roe v. Wade. I came home that day to a bunch of notifications on Twitter – not that many, really, but more than I usually have. Your consummate CBC [...]

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Canada’s road to Beijing

John Carpay: In Nanjing, a man crosses the street while the pedestrian light is still red. Within seconds, a billboard-sized screen nearby displays his name, his face and an admonition to obey the traffic lights. The Communist Chinese government surveillance cameras have captured the moment, secured an image of the man’s face, compared it to a central database of faces compiled over [...]

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The Kansas wake-up call

Andrew Lawton: Man does not live on Supreme Court decisions alone. The Kansas abortion referendum should serve as a reminder that culture matters far more than politics does. Last month, Kansans rejected a ballot measure that sought to affirm the Kansas state legislature’s right to restrict abortion access. The proposal was defeated 59 per cent to 41 per cent, which is about [...]

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Motherhood and poetry

Donald DeMarco, Commentary: Poetry in the best sense offers us glimpses into reality that we can ill afford to do without. Science, opinion polls, psychological theories, and the like, are but shadows in comparison with the light by which poetry can illuminate certain realities. G.K. Chesterton maintained that “great poets use the telescope as well as the microscope.” This paradoxical feature may make [...]

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Who decides?

Rory Leishman: In addition to overturning the unfounded and outrageous abortion decision in Roe v. Wade (1976), the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health raises another fundamental issue: Who should have primary responsibility in a democracy for determining public policy -- unelected judges or elected legislators? It is a question that Canadians [...]

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World population to reach 8 billion in November: UN

Paul Tuns: As it does every other July 11 – the date is designated by the United Nations as World Population Day -- the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs released its biannual report on global population and future projections. The World Population Prospects 2022, released a year late due to data-gathering bottlenecks because of the pandemic, predicted that in November, [...]

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Pregnancy care centre an important part of the community

Angelica Vecchiato: The Haldimand Pregnancy Care and Family Centre, located in Dunnville, Ont., south of Hamilton, has been helping women with their pregnancy and maternal care needs for 18 years.  The 22,000 square foot facility, formerly a school building repurposed as a pregnancy care centre, wasn’t always located on Adler Street West. Carol Butler, director of the Haldimand facility, avows that the [...]

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Physical and political attacks on crisis pregnancy centres

Angelica Vecchiato: The U.S. Supreme Court’s June 24 overturn of Roe v. Wade means that abortions in the United States are no longer (and never were) deemed a constitution right. In protest, the pro “choice” side has gone up in arms — and quite literally at that.   As early as the Dobbs leak in May — when speculation surrounding the possibility of Roe’s [...]

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Dealing with the Devil

The English phrase, a “deal with the devil,” usually refers to pragmatism pushed to the point of compromise or to an arrangement with unlovely characters, daunting costs, or likely downsides. Yet the idiom draws its resonant power from significant sources: deals with devils have been immortalized in literature by the likes of Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the image [...]

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UK closes children’s transgender clinic

Interim Staff: The Gender Identity Development Service for Children and Adolescents (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman National Health Service trust (hospital) in north London was established in 1983, and on July 28, it announced it was winding down its services and closing its doors after charges that it overdiagnosed gender dysphoria (transgenderism) in kids and teens. GIDS is the only child- and adolescent-focused [...]

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A step toward sanity

The infamous Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service for Children and Adolescents (GIDS) in London, England, is going to close its doors following two reports and a court judgement on how they scandalously did not collect any data regarding puberty blockers they prescribed to children and teens. GIDS does not have any data on the number of patients who were given puberty blockers, [...]

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The no guardrails society

Paul Tuns: A CNN report on the May 23 mass shooting at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school began, “we may never know why a shooter gunned down 19 children and two teachers in a massacre Tuesday at Robb Elementary School …” Not specifically, no. Reasonable explanations often betray such evil acts. But it is not impossible to diagnose the moral muck from [...]

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More people living alone, common-law: StatsCan

Paul Tuns: According to a number of reports released by Statistics Canada in early July based on the 2021 census, more Canadians are living alone and fewer couples who live together are getting married.  More people are living alone than ever before, with 4.4 million people living on their own, representing 15 per cent of all adults 15 years or older in [...]

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